Why is the sky blue? Why is the grass green? All questions that we'll never know the answers to... In the year 2035, humans evolved once more, people were able to use powers that could only exist in comics or TV shows. Year 2060, The 3rd World War began. With the powers, the war seemed to go on forever, no more use for firearms, swords or tanks. Equally matched, the United Forces & the German-Russian Force, after 5 years, decided to sign a peace treaty, as too many of their loved ones were being killed, and thus, peace existed in the world once more.

Chapter 1Edit

Kurozaki Akume has moved to a new town, and is attending another school. He stared at his hand, then looked around his messy room, unpacked boxes everywhere. It's 2PM. He went downstairs and he felt a presence behind him. He turned around to see his younger sister attempting to scare him.

"Akari, you shouldn't try to scare people...", he said.

"Ok, fine, Aniki", Akari responded.

"Oh, look at the time! You two better get going now!" said their kind mother.

The two siblings left home and headed to their definition, halfway, Akari parted with Akume as she attended middle school.

As he approached the school gates, he was then told by a teacher their that he was just in time for the entrance exams. The passing students stay, while the failed students must attend a new school. The conditions were harsh, but afterall, the schools taught people how to use their powers, as well as the normal subjects. The students were tested in stamina, strength, speed and other normal athletic abilities before they could enter the school. The strength of one's powers are measured by Levels, with Level 1 being the lowest and Level 5 being the highest.

He was escorted to the training area, where students were taken into a plane and had to jump off, then release as much energy as they could in the form of a sphere around them, then they had to use their powers to land safely.

Chapter 2Edit

As Akume was waiting in line, he could see one female student jump off a plane from an incredibly high height. He then saw her crunch into a ball and create a ball of electricity so powerful, he could feel the static from where he was sitting. She then fell, and landed safely, he could see later that the ball she created was more powerful than anyone else's abilities. "Electrokinetic" he muttered to himself. =

He was later taken to a plane, which flew up so high, that he could see the whole school from where he was. The door then opened and he jumped.

He fell. He then used his pyrokinesis. He formed wings for a little bit to keep himself in the air, then he raised his hand, and made a gigantic sphere of flames. When he got down, he could see that he had melted down part of a building in the process. After getting his score, he walked around the town for a while until the Level 5 Electrokinetic student aproached him.

"Hey." she said.

"You're the girl with the electrokinesis, aren't you?" he responded.

"Yea. You know, I was on the other side of the school and students there could see that giant ball from there." she said.

"Really? Wow... I think?" Akume said.

The two Level 5s talked for a while.

"Hey, you coming?" said a girl in the background.

"OK!" said the Level 5.

"Oh, by the way, my name's Kanade! Shirozaki Kanade!!", she yelled to Akume as she ran back her friends.

"Shirozaki... Kanade... huh?" he said to himself. "That name... sounds familiar... Wait... Shirozaki?"

His thoughts were then interupted, by a student tapping him on the back. He turned around to see a group of students behind him.

"Hey, dude, that fire thing you did, that was really fricking AWESOME!!!" said the one who tapped his back.

"Oh, thanks." Akume replied.

"I'm Kiba, the brown haired guy is Haru, the guy with the bat is Hayato, oh, and this shy one is Aya." said the leader.

"It's Akume, Kurozaki Akume.", replied.

"Hey, since the only thing on today was the exams, and if you're free, you want to hang with us?" Kiba suggested. "Yeah, sure." Akume responded.

Chapter 3Edit

Akume decided to follow Kiba and the group, they stopped at a point, where Kiba suggested they go another way. They turned around and as they left, Akume could see people who were around 32 years old. They went through an alley-way, however, halfway through, they heard a voice and Kiba froze in fear. It was the 32 year olds.

"WHERE THE FUCK IS THE SHIT YOU PROMISED!?", one of them screamed at them.

From close up, it was clear that they were alcoholic and druggies.

"Why would a student be associated with alcoholics?" Akume thought.

"I'm really sorry, man!! I totally forgot!! Give me a few days, I'll give you the stuff then!" Kiba pleaded.


"Aya, get back!", Kiba said.

"hauu, o..ok", whimpered Aya.

Kiba raised his fists to try fight the alcoholics. Dirt and rocks rose up and covered his hand like knuckle busters.

"A Terrakinetic..." Akume said under his breath.

Kiba launched an attack at his foe, the punch sent the drunkard flying back out in the open. The other lunged at him but Kiba avoid his attack. As the drunkard got up, Kiba used his powers to send stones flying to the alcoholic, resulting in them escaping. The stones dropped down to the ground.

"Shit. Let's get out of here!", they said. "We'll come to get the shit!!"

Chapter 4Edit

After the encounter, Akume and co. decided to go to some other place to talk.

"Why exactly are you associated with people like them?", Akume asked him.

"That's... I can't tell you...", Kiba responded. "Sorry..."

"That's fine...", Akume said.

Hayato glanced at his watch and exclaimed.

"Oh shit, Kiba, the time!", he said

"Crap, it's late, we gotta get back home!", Kiba replied. "Sorry, Akume, but this is where we get off. See ya later!"

"*sigh* I guess I should get back too", Akume rambled to himself.

"Hey, I'm back!", he shouted.

"Oh, welcome back, Akume!", his mother replied.

"Welcome back, Aniki", Akari also responded. "You were out for a long time ya know... You shouldn't hit on girls so early in the year."

"Just stop with your weird fantasies", Akume said to Akari.

Not completed, will update!Edit

- Akumation Edit

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