Kura Haiten is the character of Persona Dance Crew. He's the leader of Persona Dance Crew and Rank No.XXI of The World Arcana

Biography Edit

The Beginning Arc Edit

Kura Haiten saved Shin from the big kids. After that, Shin felt that Kura is going to be his new friend. The next day, Mr. Armstrong called Kura to help Shin with his social training. So, they went to a playground to play each other. While the two are at the sandbox playing robot toys, Kura told him about the legend of the Yuma Hill that if anyone reaches the hill, their dreams will come true. Shin wanted to reach it and Kura promised that both of them can reach the hill together.

Kura invited Shin to his secret hangout. In there, he introduced him to his friends. Aren, Cyrus, Gabriela, Yun, Varston, Nina, Ben, and Clara. When they're doing karaoke, Kura help Shin that to close his eyes and imagine.

Few weeks later at night, there was a fire at the Girl's Dorm. Kura was in there in order to save everyone in there. But, his left arm got injured and left with 7 girls. He saw Shin with a bat and became freaked out that it's too dangerous for him.

Personality Edit

In The Beginning Arc, Kura is an out-going man and brave enough to stop any big kids.

Appearance Edit

Kura's nationality is Japanese.

In The Beginning Arc; Kura has silver, spiky hair.

Relationship Edit

Worldwide Dance AcademyEdit

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