Koshi Yuko
Format Anime series
Created by Kenneth Chase
Writer(s) Kenneth Chase
Director(s) Kenneth Chase
No. of episodes TBA (14 per season)
Rated TV-14 LSV (U.S.)
PG (Canada)
English Network Esquire Network (U.S.)
Global (Canada)
First aired May 15 2015

Koshi Yuko (合志 裕子 Kawashi Yūko) is an Action, Slice of Life, Drama Comedy series created by Kenneth Chase (Also known as KCslicer17 formerly Kenneth1chase). The series was produced by Slicer Studios.


The series involves various events staring Ishamie and his friends, such as saving Wallayuki from danger and school life. At some times, the series is at Wallayuki High School. In several occasions, the setting is in Japan which Ikita and Lina live. 

In some occasions, the series' main antagonist Farklaude will come to the planet earth and attempt to conquer the whole world, which leads Ishamie and his friends to stop Farklaude from attempting to conquer the planet.  The series' also has sports elements, such as Ice Hockey, Wrestling , etc. While in the 5th episode of the first season Bandy it is the first time that the series played a European sport. At most times, it focuses on Ice Hockey and Wrestling, some certain characters are seen wearing sports merchandise and some even make references to several sports culture.

The series is a mixture of Action, Comedy, Drama, and Slice of Life. The action elements depicts the characters fighting crime and saving mankind similar to superheroes, at most times, they save Wallayuki from evil, but sometimes, it takes place at Japan. The Slice of Life elements is very similar to shows and Anime such as Hey Arnold!, K-ON!, etc. during some scenes, background music plays during the scene much like Hey Arnold! and other Slice and Life shows.


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Main CharactersEdit

  • Ishamie Tarker: the series' main protagonist, his family comes from Norway and it is spread across the world. He was voiced by Hayden Christensen
  • Samuel Tarker: Ishamie's twin-sister. She is a cheerful person and loves her twin-brother very much. She was voiced by Laura Bailey
  • Sammy Tarker: Sammy is the younger sister of Ishamie. She is a shy but cute girl. She was voiced by Lisa Ortiz
  • Sam Tarker: Ishamie's older brother. He is a Emo with long black hair which covers one of his eyes. He was voiced by Devon Bostik
  • Jenny Chase: Jenny is a student in Wallayuki High School and is Ishamie's companion. She was voiced by Janice Kawaye
  • Beth Charleston: a very calm girl. She is seen with her eyebrows down. She was voiced by Cassandra Lee
  • Erica Schwartzon: a very shy girl which she loves her mother very much. She was voiced by Stephanie Sheh
  • Puccini Garcci: a Jewish female student which her parents were from Israel. She was voiced by Christina Vee
  • Helen Tarkka: A Finnish pig tailed girl and the love interest of Ishamie. She first appeared in the episode Helen. She was voiced by Tara Strong

(More to come)

Voice CastEdit

Note: This list is not completed, more characters and their voice actors/actresses will be added in the future.

Character English Voice Actor Japanese Voice Actor
Ishamie Tarker Hayden Christiansen  ???
Samuel Tarker Laura Bailey ???
Sammy Tarker Lisa Ortiz ???
Sam Tarker Devon Bostick ???
Jenny Chase Janice Kawaye ???
Beth Charleston Cassandra Lee ???
Erica Schwartzon Stephanie Sheh ???
Puccini Garcci Christina Vee ???
Helen Tarkka Tara Strong ???
Ruby Ponders ??? ???
Zoe Giroux-Sanchez ??? ???
Samantha Ritchardson ??? ???
JeeJee Moncton ??? ???
Shirley Topkin ??? ???
Miguel Stevenz ??? ???
Roger Roger ??? ???
Richard Chartingson ??? ???
George Cox ??? ???
Terrence Skyler ??? ???
Jared "Weewa" Skyler ??? ???
Andrew Cook ??? ???
Sophia Stockton ??? ???
Dani Brookins ??? ???
Angela Koffer ??? ???
Tina Einstein ??? ???
Charlotte Scheen ??? ???
Bryce Orma Chris Rock ???
Grace Omar ??? ???
Isabel Longstocking ??? ???
Koho Tarkka ??? ???
Ikita Tarker ??? ???
Lina Tarker ??? ???
Nakamura Teikichi ??? ???
Makoto Nashima ??? ???
Kenji Yukizuna ??? ???
Haruhi Takashi ??? ???
Erza Tarkka ??? ???
Alex Tarkka ??? ???
Mr. Hoffman ??? ???
Amy Tarker ??? ???
Mr. Mupta Samuel L. Jackson ???
Mr. Carken ??? ???
Shigure Tarker Tom Kenny ???
Ritsu Tarker ??? ???
Randy Tarkka ??? ???
Farklaude ??? ???


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Season 1Edit

  1. Pilot
  2. Bryce Orma's Antics
  3. JeeJee plays Ball
  4. Sammy's Crush
  5. Bandy
  6. The House Party
  7. When Monsters Attack
  8. Helen
  9. Laser Tag
  10. Ishamie vs. Randy
  11. The Day After Today
  12. The Exchange Students
  13. Tournament
  14. Farklaude Arrives

Season 2Edit

Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!