Konota Hirose is an Innocent 18 year old Girl with the same aging disease and is one of misaos's best friends, She has got no eyes but she can see very well, The is the only girl with a killer fly who sometimes fly when the fly was her friend around her and kills anyone else, The fly was then killed when she stepped on the bug because she doesn't want to kill, She was known to climb buildings and defy gravity, She sometimes look very scary because when her eyelids glow red, She would be shunned for a while, as she causes extreme heat when her eyelides were getting red, She was the first one to rezzurect a meganeura, She is incapable to eat food and instead she absorb the nutrients, And her bites can become so venemous it can kill even the box jellyfish in just one minute. Her interest on BDSM is not as much as the others, Most of them thought she was Blind, But for Misao, It's a much different story. She was also the one who can move her arms in different ranges like Misao could except, She can expose her skin unlike misao, She has extreme hatred of misao's father but kept it a secret, She was the first to find out her father was a killer, But for most cases, She is very generous but many people who was friends with misao's father thought she was greedy because she stole her father's guns and burned the guns to protect misao from execution, Not only can she control her arms with her mind but she can do it with her legs, Many people thought she was either armless, Legless or even limbless, She has histories of Bubonic Plague, Aids, And minor smallpox, But survived everyone of them strangely, She is one of 5 or more people who loved the game Kagome Kagome so much, She get people into it, She predicted if she died, The other 5 or more goes with her but it was unconfirmed, She was sometimes blindfolded but could see miraculously if she felt like it, She is the most extraordinary of these 5 or even more.

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