Kuyou in TAoR
Name Kiruku McCoy-Further
Character designed by Kai Tatsuge (Kelly)
Nickname Kiruku
Voiced By

Yoko Hikasa (Japanese)

Mordecai Kelly (Once again, Kelly's stagename.) (English)

Race Japanese
Birthday April 29, 1996


18 (season 2)

Gender Female


6'9" (season 2)



117lbs. (season 2)

Eyes Midnight blue
Hair Black
Blood Type


Personal Status
Status Single

Rin Further (mother), Kyo McCoy-Further (younger brother), Yuuki McCoy-Further (youngest brother), Hagaki McCoy (father)

Education High School
Occupation Student, Shrine Maiden, Doctor
Internet Troll Name k_mcfurther
Alternate Names
  • Slurpina Yukishiro (TAoR)
  • Kuuyo Shiirogai (Redditor's Girlfriend)
  • Kayo Kazatsura (Yuki no Hakase)
  • Lit (Mahou Shojo Lovely Kuchu, real self)
  • Litvak/

"Darn it, Derpina! I'm a doctor!"

Kiruku McCoy-Further (Kuyo Foreman in the US dub) is a character from the slice of life manga called "Epic Rage Guy", created by Kelly. Kuyou is also designed by Kelly & Rageguy-P.


Kiruku is an anti-otaku that likes ramen and trading card games. She is a Belieber and a sci-fi geek that is a brony and a 2chan & 4chan troll. She looks like Izusu Shiranui from the Japanese online romance card game, GF Beta, but instead of purple eyes (Izusu has purple eyes in the game), she has venetian blue.


Her mother and father divorced when she was 7. She lived with her mother. 4 years passed, and Kyo was born. Meanwhile, Hagaki worked in a cafe in Russia. On Kiruku's 13th birthday, he sent a letter to them that he will return in July.


  • She is a fan of The GAG Quartet.
  • She is a Meme Fan because in Episode 39, her ringtone is Trololo.
  • She is Star Trek fan in Season 2 and all future seasons of Epic Rage Guy.
  • She is one of the characters in the manga and anime series, "The Adventures of Redditular" but her name in TAoR is Slurpina Yukishiro.
  • One of the main characters in Kelly's upcoming series, Redditor's Girlfriend.
  • She is a fan of Nirvana, Greyson Chance, One Direction, Metallica.


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