Kingdom Parappa is a series created by MarioSonic1243. It is based off the PaRappa the Rapper series and is mostly a crossover of Sony, Konami, Sega, Ubisoft, Arksys Games, and Nintendo. Although it shows PaRappa characters as main protagonists, they have to travel to multiple universes to prevent the end of time. Along the way, they will encounter Sony, Konami, Sega, Ubisoft, Arksys Games, and Nintendo characters and worlds from multiple series.

Shows and MoviesEdit

1. Kingdom Parappa: Dreams of Absolution (Prequel to Kingdom Parappa)

2. Kingdom Parappa (Set right after Dreams of Absolution)

3. Kingdom Parappa: 358/2 Days (Movie) (Set in between epsodes 101 and 102 in Kingdom Parappa)

4. Kingdom Parappa: Resurrection (Set in between Kingdom Parappa and The Second Session)

5. Kingdom Parappa: The Second Session (Set 1 year after Resurrection)

6. Kingdom Parappa Xtreme (Set 6 months after The Second Session)

7. Kingdom Parappa: Dream Drop Souls (Set right after Xtreme)

8. Kingdom Parappa: Soul Eraser (Movie) (Set 4 years after Dream Drop Souls)

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