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Kingdom Parappa: The Second Session is an animated series created by MarioSonic1243. It is a sequel to Kingdom Parappa and (chronologically) the fourth installment in the Kingdom Parappa series.


  • Parappa the Rapper - Ever since he recovered his memories, he is now in deep sleep and is later, awakened.
  • Matt Major - Ever since he quit the Organization Seven, he became a normal person, but worries about Parappa's condition from deep sleep.
  • Sunny Funny - She joined high school 1 year after Parappa's deep sleep. She still keeps Parappa's promise that he will return to her.
  • Pj Berry - Still a little bit lazy, he also attended high school with Sunny. He is also worried about Parappa's deep sleep.
  • Katy Kat - She now attends sourcery school and high school. She is a little worried about Parappa's condition.
  • Paula Fox - Like Matt, she also quit the Organization Seven and became Matt's friend. She is worried about Matt being injured or killed.
  • Lammy - She is worried about Parappa's condition from deep sleep.
  • Gaster - Still mind controlled by Organization Seven, he is more powerful and dangerous. He is resposible for putting Parappa into deep sleep.
  • Groover - Like Gaster, he is still mind controlled by Organization Seven.


Opening ThemesEdit

1. Again by Yui (Episodes 1-26)

2. Last Train (The New Morning) by Knotlamp (Episodes 27-40)

3. Overlap by Kimeru (Episodes 41-68)

4. Passion by Utada Hikaru (Episodes 69-98)

Ending ThemesEdit

1. Another Sun by Reika Morishita (Episodes 1-28)

2. Pieces by Sum 41 (Episodes 29-48)

3. Hekira no Sora e Izanaedo (Invitation to the Blue Sky) by Kotoko (Episodes 49-97)

4. Simple and Clean by Utada Hikaru (Japanese Vsersion) (Episode 98)

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