Kingdom Parappa is an animated series created by MarioSonic1243. It is a spin-off to the original P
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aRappa the Rapper series and (chronologically) the second installment in the Kingdom Parappa series. It also has a midquel movie, prequel, and a sequel.



  • Parappa the Rapper
  • Lammy
  • Sunny Funny
  • Katy Kat
  • Pj Berri
  • Matt Major
  • Paula Fox
  • Pinto Rappa
  • Ma-San


  • Gaster
  • Groover
  • Rammy


Opening ThemesEdit

1. Kizuna (Bond) by Kra (Episodes 1-45)

2. Paper Moon by Tommy Heavenly (Episodes 46-90)

3. Simple and Clean (PLANITb Remix) by Utada Hikaru (Japanese Version) (Episodes 91-102)

Ending ThemesEdit

1. Kesenai Tsumi (Inerasable Sin) by Nana Kitade (Episodes 1-18)

2. Uso (Lie) by SID (Episodes 19-30)

3. Boku wa Mainichi, Yume wo Miru (Every Day, I am Dreaming) (I. D. E. A.) by RoST (Episodes 31-46)

4. Lazy Mind by Showtaro Morikubo (Episodes 47-58)

5. One More Chance by Yukie Nakama (Episodes 59 and 60)

6. Mizu no Naka (Inside the Water) by Mosquito-Milk (Episodes 61-101)

7. Simple and Clean (Original Version) by Utada Hikaru (Japanese Version) (Episode 102)