King Bacchus-Neos is the King of The Neo Machine Empire of Baranoia and the younger brother of the now deceased Bacchus Rage



Family: Bacchus Rage(Older Brother,Deceased)




Buldont Jr. AKA Buldont II(Grandnephew,Alive)



He looks similar to his older brother but with noticeable features,he is round but unlike his brother he is more slim,insted of a mouth and a small moustache he just has a large moustache which moves up and down when he talks,and when he is angry the 2 halves of his moustache spin rappidly in oppisite directions causing sparks. He has his brother's crown and scepter and also weres a monocle, he also wears cobalt,orange,yellow,and grey clothes.


When Bacchus-Rage was in power,Neos fell under a illness known as Rustaloitis,his brother sent him to one of the empire's captured planets to a hospital for Baranoians. When he returned,the empire was almost in complete ruins. Neos enraged about this,began build a factory to produce Barro Hei and Drone Copies of previous Machine Beasts,they began rebuilding the factories,cities,and the castle on the planet Baranoia until today when the empire was finaly rebuilt,after that he sent a group of Barro Hei to one of the Arks on earth to retrive Neah's Piano,and then he had Click and Clack(Acha and Kocha's replacements) to pull Neah out of Hell and revive him as The Muscian Machine Beast: Bara Neah who served as Bacchus Neos' Muscian and General. He latter made Bara Kira a General and his financal advisor and Bara Kara a General and his Chief Scientist.

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