Anime girl236
Appears in: Digimon Galaxy
First appearance
Last appearance
Partner(s): Lopmon
Trait(s): Caring
Age 14
Gender Female
Known relatives Unknown
Nationality Digital World
Occupation Princess

Character HistoryEdit

Katherine is a digital entity made up of data. She was originally made to spy on the human world for the organization known as "Hiearchy". But as she was bien tested the war broke out and she was lost in the digital world. She was found by Orphanimon and taken to the Highlight Heavens. She was then given the name Katherine because Orphanimon saw it fitting for a human. She was then raised to be the princess of the digital world.

Digimon Galaxy HistoryEdit

Book 1 Agent of the NebulaEdit

Chapter 1: The Day of RealizationEdit

Katherine was first seen after Blake got out of school. When he was walking towards his mom's job at the subway station he saw her on the train. Which then transformed into Locomon. She then realeased Antylomon to digitize the scorpiomon causing trouble there then went of.



Digital Manipulation

This is the most promising of her abilities having full control over data. There are many ways she can use this.

  • She is able to hack into computars to learn about the world she's in
  • She's able to erase data she deems harmful to the secrecy of the digital world.
  • She can reformat data to make it something like a url code totally useless.

Portal Control

Katherine has an item that allows her to open portals to an from the digital world.

Known DigimonEdit

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