Kappa Mikey Redux is an Anime Styled continuity to the original anime/cartoon comedy from Nicktoons. It is a sequel anime adaptation to the original show, with new anime styles for all characters.

Kappa Mikey Redux
Format Anime Series
Created by Larry Schwarz, Aaron Montalvo
Run time 30 minutes
Rated TV-PG
English Network NaruIchi97 Anitoku
Starring Michael Sinterniklaas, Sean Schemmel, Gary Mack, Kether Donahue, Carrie Keranen


Years after LilyMu Studios' Hiatus on the show. They are back once again!, Mikey and his friends live the life while they are actors on the action show LilyMu.

Ficticious Voice ListEdit

Main CharactersEdit

Characters Seiyuu Cast English Cast
Mikey Simon Ken Takeuchi Michael Sinterniklaas
Gonard Hiroki Takahashi Sean Schemmel
Guano Kappei Yamaguchi Gary Mack
Lily Ryoko Shiraishi Kether Donahue
Mitsuki Maaya Sakamoto Carrie Keranen
Ozu Koji Ishii Stephen Moverley
Yes Man Junko Takeuchi Seth Green
Yoshi Nobutoshi Kanna Wayne Grayson

Guest CharactersEdit



  • The voice actors of Mikey, Ozu, Gonard, Mitsuki, Lily, Yoshi and Guano voices them for the anime since its return, except for Jesse Adams, whom he was replaced by Seth Green.
  • The title is a pun to the upcoming "Atomic Betty Redux" series and the Movie "Apocalypse Now Redux"