Kagome Sarahi is a Creepy but pretty but innocent Girl who was 17 from The Blind of the Carboniferous and had the same aging disease as miyuki and was found with blood all over her body and the blindfold being superglued on her making her permently blind when another parasite came into her body and eaten all her eyes, The parasite then die afterwards, She bled because she used to have ebola but survived ebola, Kagome was ordered execution by her father when her father tryed to behead her after disagreing with her father for Miyuki's Execution she was stunned but woke up when a tornado ran to her house killing her father, She realise she was then blindfolded and struggled to take it off but it was superglued on to her, She found Miyuki and stayed with her for 3 years untill she got lost, She found her again after 3 months of being lonely, The depression and her crying sometimes turns her arms invisible and ghostified but regenerates when she began to become happy again, due to another unknown harmless uncurable rare Fungus disease, The blood scarred permanent on her, Her fatigues and weakesses can cause rain to fall blood, and then she clones herself chosing a random victim she hates and begins to paralyse and kill the the victim becuse the rain of blood can mess with her mind because of a rare uncurable and unevolveable neurax worm in her brain, Which means she and her clones will be teleporting around on trees of buildings with her arms being invisible and her teath being more sharp and pointy and her blindfold to shine red, her arms start to become visible when they start circling making a reverse portion of the game beheading the victim after paralysis untill her mind get unmessed, She usually crys for the killing but returns back to where she was last at, She always wears kimono's and does have interests in BDSM, She is normally generous but she doesn't feel very satisfied about the messed up mind she could get.

Neurax worm

A neurax worm could look like this,

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