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Kagaku Purojekuto No Dai Teitaku is an anime made by Jenjie revolving around two people who are paired for a science project and end up in a bit of a mess. Two students, Ukushi and Yomoru, are paired in school to write a science report about the lives of several asigned animals. At first there is trouble, but soon they are thrown into a huge adventure with several people, who have a secret that is more than surprising. This anime is rated TV-14 and sometimes can be a bit derogatory and/or inappropriate. This show is abbreiviated KPNAT.

name Kagaku Purojekuto No Dai Teikaku
genre Comedy, fiction, romance
creator Jenjie
inspiration Fruits Basket


Ukushi Kina



Ukushi Kina, the female main character. She is 15 and shy. She tries to avoid being around too many people and isn't one to jump at the science project with a partner. After meeting Yomoru, she warms up to him, but her shy nature stays. After meeting the Dobu Family, she begins to try and be more free-spirited, but still keeps her shy traits. She wears the same clothes, purple, going with here eyes and hair color.

Yomoru KonaEdit

The male main character, he is 15 also. Yomoru Kona's
Nihon Boy REMIX by WonderLands


original nature is very kind, giving, and willing to try anything. He wishes to bring out the best of everyone, and jumps at the idea of science projects with partners, to make Ukushi more outgoing. After meeting Ukushi, he tries to stay out of everyone's buisness, but his traits refuse to leave. After meeting the Dobu Family, he tries to become more of a popular person, following his loathing to be excepted, but he eventually learns what he truly wanted in the first place. He wears a black jacket and jeans, often, a white T-shirt under the jacket.

Saniku ShikijoEdit

Saniku Shikijo is a 14 year old (looks 7) prodigy of the Dobu Family. As a member of the Dobu Family, he is an animal spirit. His is the monkey, and Lord of Primates. He his extremely smart for his age, matching and exceeding wits with 30


year-old scientists! His IQ is 250 and his intellect and strength are masked by a random, crazy, fun-loving child. Although he is smart, wise, strong, and random, he is still quite mature and knows when enough is enough. His thoughts and wishes are very complex and can't be figured out 100%. He is the creator's favorite character and Jenjie put most of his thought into his design. His clothes are tricky, because they are an orange T-shirt and baggy camo pants, but he usually wears just the pants or nothing at all.

Koman NakoomiEdit

Koman Nakoomi, a male 24 years old (looks 17), is one of the most respected members of the Dobu Family. His animal is the wolf and he is Lord of the dog family. His personality is prideful and he instantly takes a liking to Yomoru. He, for some odd reason, dislikes Ukushi. He is the first member of the family to master Spirit-Transformation.
Anime by Laura BlackkkRabbit

Koman sketch

He often wears a school uniform that is blue as he often attends the Dobu Family Society meetings.

Sai TekuEdit

Sai Teku is the big-brother type to Saniku. He is a male who is 49 (looks 20). His animal is the platypus. He owns a Halberd that makes the main problem in KPNAT episode 2 and has a personality similar to that of Koman, on
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ly more relaxed. He is a respected member of the Dobu Family, but isn't taken too seriously. He mainly ditches meetings to stay and watch over the house. Sai usually wears white robes.


Daimu NurekoEdit

Daimu is the first female Dobu Family member introduced. She is a cat spirit, and is in "dumb love" with Saniku. She is 15 (looks 9), and has red hair with large, yellow-green eyes. She can see perfectly in the dark and has a red-orange tail. She wears a longsleeved orange shirt and camo pants, as it is what Saniku wears (this is the only time he tries to wear other things). Her personality changes depending on who she's around. If around Saniku, shuns everyone else and tries to solely impress him. If not around Saniku, she is a nice 9 year-old who is deeply interested in the mortal world (this is a trate Saniku and Daimu truly do share).

Beyaku AhakoEdit

Not much is known of this person, other than he is a very important member of the Dobu Household. He is rumored to have gone insane.


  • Saniku's name is based off of "Monkey insane" in japanese.
  • Koman's name is based off of "Wolf pride" in japanese.
  • Yomoru's name is based off of "Difficult life" in japanese.
  • Ukushi's name is based off of "Shy" in japanese.
  • Daimu's name is based of of "Cat" in japanese.

Episode listEdit

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