Saniku: -laying in bed- Wha... What? It must be a joke. It can't be...


Daimu: -walks in- What is it?

Saniku: -slowly rises- Nothing... Just a note.

Daimu: Okay, what note.

Saniku: -walks upstairs- I'm gonna see to something.


Yomoru: Saniku isn't downstairs, it's already 10.

Ukushi: Maybe he stayed up late and needs rest.


Saniku: -reading note again and again, clenching letter and crumpling it slightly- What do they mean, "good news?!" -pupils dilate, begins to slowly rip paper in two but stops himself- They aren't... No! But... why? No way... Just no way!


Daimu: I hope he was serious about the challenge. I wanna prove I can fight!

Saniku: I'm here... -wearing a skull T-shirt and black jeans, wearing a hoodie and won't look up- Ready?

Daimu: Ready!

Sai: Begin?

Saniku: -Daimu runs up to Saniku and punches just to the left of him, he leans into it and smirks raising an eyebrow- You are... Pathetic. -grabs arm and flips Daimu, throwing her and causing her to skid on the ground a distance-

Koman: Saniku! Where'd that come from?!

-Daimu stands, wincing but smirking-

Daimu: That it?!

Saniku: Just waiting for you to try.

Daimu: -runs at Saniku and kicks- HA!

Saniku: -hit in the stomach- Sad. -grabs foot, flips over. Daimu's hands on the ground, saniku kicks her other foot, so her face is on the ground- No balance.

Daimu: Ah... -struggles as Saniku grabs Daimu's wrists and holds them behind her back-

Saniku: Give? You can't win. -sits-

Daimu: No way! -orange tail protrudes out of the waist of her pants and wraps around Saniku's torso-

Saniku: Oh no. -Saniku is thrown into a nearby tree and Daimu stands-

Daimu: Give?

Saniku: No. I think we should try now...

Koman: NO! You can't do that! Not here! Sai, you cover Ukushi. I'll get Yomoru.

Yomoru: What's going on? -Koman steps in front of him-

Sai: -steps in front of Ukushi- Not good things.

-Daimu clanches her fists and quickly opens her hand, claws elongate and cat ears appear on her head. Saniku sprouts hair on his cheeks, hands, arms, and his tail grows. They begin to growl-

Sai & Koman: Step back!

-Saniku thrusts out his hand and his staff appears. Daimu thrusts her hands in front of her and red crystal-like claws form around her hands and wrists. She throws her arms down and the claws elongate to that of a half-foot-

Ukushi: What are they doing?!

Sai: Transforming... -Saniku and Daimu clash in midair-

Yomoru: They move so fast...

Sai: Yeah. To you.

Ukushi: I can't see them. Just blurs.

Koman: They shouldn't do this. They are too powerful. Not in front of two mortals...

Sai: Relax. -Saniku knocks Daimu far away and Daimu runs back and tackles him- They won't do anything too bad until they fully transform.


-Saniku and Daimu are normal and it is dark out-

Saniku: I... am... very tired...

Daimu: Yeah... Me (coughs) too...

Sai: (sleepily) What time (yawns) is it?

Koman: Mmm? Uh... 1:28...

Saniku: Let's just do Rock-Paper-Scissors...


Daimu: So what is it you choose as the victor?

Saniku: I'll sleep on it.


Saniku: -yawns and stretches- What the... AAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

-Daimu falls off the couch as does Saniku-

Daimu: (worried) What, what?!

Saniku: (panting heavily) What the hell?!

Daimu: Huh?

Ukushi: WHAT?!

Yomoru: Duck! -Ukushi and Yomoru run in, Yomoru swinging a baseball bat wildly-

Saniku: -grabs bat midswing- Don't. Nothing is wrong, Daimu freaked me out.

Daimu: You freaked me out.

Saniku: I fell asleep with nobody around me, then wake up and you are right there!

Ukushi: Good night...

Yomoru: Agreed.

Daimu: Well what are your terms of the win?

Saniku: I can't say yet... Wait a couple days... I have to make sure I need this as a favor.

Daimu: Hm?

Saniku: (thinking) You might be all I've got left...


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