Daimu: Did I here Saniku?

Saniku: (thinking to himself) Nononononononononono!

Sai: Yep.

Saniku: (still to himself) You'd better sleep with one eye open, Sai.

Koman: Saniku's pissed.

Ukushi: Hello Dai -Daimu runs past, knocking Ukushi out of her chair- mu...

Yomoru: She seems in a rush. Who is she?

Sai: -sits down- She's a Dobu house member.

Yomoru: So she's good friends with Saniku it seems.

Sai: More than friends. They're engaged.

Yomoru & Ukushi: WHAT?!

Koman: Sai, may I explain?

Sai: Go ahead, it's time you talked for once.

Koman: -sits down- We in the Dobu household are born in what we call "pairs." These pairs are supposed to be kept away from each other until they are three or four, then they meet and become engaged. Saniku and Daimu are a pair, and Saniku isn't happy.

Yomoru: That seems kinda wrong...

Sai: Well it was Daimu or nobody. And they have a lot in common.

Ukushi: No, it seems wrong that two people in the same family are engaged.

Koman: I think you have it wrong. The Dobu are family, but we aren't related. When we are born, we don't have simalar DNA, we aren't technically related. So it's a bit more okay.

Ukushi: But... Still, Saniku doesn't seem to like this "pairing."

Saniku: CRAP!

Daimu: There you are!

-Saniku runs downstairs and pauses to look behind him. Daimu is hot on his trail and he jumps through the window, as does Daimu-

Koman: Yeah, we all see that. But, it is already done. If Saniku backs out of the pairing then he probably won't end up getting married with anyone. We can't meet with mortals much, and Daimu's the only other Dobu in his age range. It's her or nothing.

Yomoru: Well that's just wrong. Saniku should be free to chose.

Sai: He probably does return the feelings of Daimu. He just has a weird way of showing it... I hope. Anyway, it makes a fun thing to watch.


-Saniku and Daimu are running at shocking speeds around the house and in the trees-

Sai: -Saniku jumps from the chimney to a branch and swings straight into the air, smirking- He doesn't know what's coming. -Daimu jumped from the roof to where Saniku is, knocking him out of the air-

Koman: Man. -gives Sai money- Thought he'd gotten faster.

Saniku: C'mon! You know I don't like being pinned!

Daimu: Noted. Now answer my question!

Saniku: Why do you care so much?!

Daimu: Cause'!

Saniku: Why would I answer someone who just kicked me out of the air?!

Daimu: -gets up- Well, I heard you respect someone who can match your abilities.

Saniku: -stands- Nobody matches my abilities.

Daimu: (giggling) I think I just did.

Sai: Okay, enough flirting, come inside.

Daimu: Okay.

Saniku: -twitching- I'm losing it...


Sai: What are you doing here?

Daimu: There was an accidental releasing of three pheonixes, I need to catch them. Nothing big.

Saniku: So when will you leave?

Sai: You seem oddly chatty today, Saniku.

Daimu: Really?!

Saniku: NO!

Sai: Yes.

Ukushi: This isn't good...

-Saniku is turning blue Daimu is hugging him so tight-

Koman: Sai, you'd better sleep with one eye open tonight.

Sai: It's on my list.

Yomoru: Saniku is purple.

Saniku: That's funny. All I see in white.

Ukushi: I think you should let go, Daimu.

Daimu: Fine. -releases- Woops.

-Saniku slumps to the floor, unconcious-

Sai: Well that's awkward, so why are you really here?

Daimu: I am supposed to make sure you are doing your jobs as DSM's. Are you?

Koman: Yes.

Sai: No.

Daimu: Good.

Yomoru: This is better than cable.

Ukushi: -Yomoru goes to Saniku- Are you sure you are happy being paired with Saniku?


Yomoru: He's twitching...

Daimu: I couldn't have asked for a better person to be paired with. He's funny, cute, athletic, and still able to make me like him freshly, every day, no matter the distance apart we are!

Ukushi: You seem to have thought a long time about that response...

Daimu: Well, if Saniku's not around I think of the ways I can better myself.

Yomoru: He isn't getting better...

Sai: You seem to be deeply liking your pairing.

Daimu: Yeah, as I've stated before...

Ukushi: -Sai stares victoriously at her- Well, I think it's odd that someone so young can have such strong feelings.

Daimu: What do you mean? I'm older than you.

Ukushi: What?

Yomoru: His mouth is frothing...

Koman: You shouldn't say such secrets to a mortal!

Ukushi: I don't understand... You look no older than 10.

Sai: -sighs heavily- Let me explain. We Dobu age strangely. As spirits, we have slight immortal talents, some better than others. Saniku is really around 14. Daimu is 15. I, well, let's not talk about that. Koman there is 24. Anyway, we can choose to age, and we can choose not to. But, well, we can't choose to get younger. We are immortal unless we get a wound. We are immune to fatal sicknesses and age deaths, so yeah, we've made world records for age.

Ukushi: Learn something new every day.

Yomoru: He's not doing anything now...

Koman: Well, Daimu, anything else? How long are you staying? What's up at the main house?

Daimu: No, nothing else really. I will probably stay for a couple days, maybe a wee-

Yomoru: He's not breathing now!!!

Daimu: -k. Nothing going on really at the main house. Beyaku has basically locked himself in his chambers though, dunno why.

Yomoru: -waving hand in front of Saniku's face- He's not responding. -shakes Saniku-

Ukushi: Who's Beyaku?

Sai: As much as we've told you that isn't allowed to be told, we would be tortured if we told you. He's just a Dobu Member, that's all we can say.

Saniku: -gasps loudly- STOP SHAKING ME!!!

Yomoru: Sorry! Gah!

Saniku: -gets up- I hope she learns not to kill me soon...

Diamu: YOU'RE BACK!!! -jumps at Saniku, knocking him over and hugging him AGAIN-

Saniku: Life... Sucks...

Yomoru: -Sai whispers something to Koman and they start chuckling- You are really immature...

Ukushi: So Diamu, what animal are you?

Diamu: Oh, I can't... Uh...

Sai: Diamu, she's a mortal. Doesn't know about our traditions...

Diamu: Oh yeah, I'm a cat.

Ukushi: Cool. I love cats!

Sai: Daimu, don't kill Saniku, he has dreams too.

Daimu: Fine.

Saniku: (hoarsely) Ow. Your claws...

Daimu: OH! -looks an hands, nails retract- Sorry!

Saniku: Every time...

Koman: It is better than cable.

Saniku: -catches breath- I challenge you, Daimu. 3 o' clock, by the lake, tommorrow! Transformation allowed.

-doorbell is heard- Saniku: Got it...


Saniku: Hello?

???: Saniku?

Saniku: Wait, I'll get Koman.

???: No, I'm here for you actually.

Saniku: What?

???: Here. -gives Saniku letter- I am sorry.

Saniku: -shuts door- This looks interesting. -opens letter-

Koman: Who is it?

Saniku: What... -falls to knees-

Daimu: What was that?!

Saniku: (quietly) No...

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