Yomoru: A- A tail... Tail... I... Tail? Tail!

Saniku: (mumbles) -is dragged in by Sai and Koman- Again? He's doing that again?

Koman: -throws Saniku down- Why did you do this!?

Saniku: Well... I always wanted to enter the mortal world. And now I can.

Yomoru: (weakly) What did you do?

Saniku: I gave you my power. Now you can climb, and I can go to the mortal world.

Sai: -hand on forehead- It's not that simple. Saniku, you are a Dobu. You can't just go do something so serious! Now Yomoru must change you back!

Yomoru: I have to do what? Will... Will it be painful?

Sai: More painful than anything you have ever experienced...

Sai: -Yomoru goes pale- Just joking.

Saniku: It's easy. Just imagine the thing you want most and your take of it. I imaginged being in the human world, trying the world's greatest pranks.

Yomoru: (hysterically) That's why you did this! To have a few pranks! A bit of practical jokes?!

Saniku: Ya. Great isn't it?

Ukushi: Yomoru... You okay?

Yomoru: -twitching- Yeah. I'm good.

Saniku: Let me into the mortal world for one day and then I can become a smelly beast again. Please?

Yomoru: I'm sure I can last that long. But it's an early Christmas present. Okay?

Saniku: Awesome! You're cool, Yomoru.

Sai: You sure?

Yomoru: Yeah.

Koman: I will follow. I'll get permission to go from the Society.

Saniku: -stops jumping- What? You just need permission?

Sai: Yes. Also we are given free access on holidays.

Sainku: Is the week before Christmas a holiday of free access?

-Sai nods and Yomoru facepalms-

Sai: Well, at least the five days before Christmas. Right now we must get permission.

Saniku: Well... then you can come with me?

Yomoru: -pulls up his shirt sleeve- Nope. I'm switching right now!

Sai: Can't. You must wait a day.

Ukushi: Well, at least you get to see what it's like to be a monkey for a day, right? You can do parkour the entire trip.

Koman: -comes back- Alright, we can all go.


Saniku: Cool!

Yomoru: It's just a pet shop.

-all the dogs are barking wildly-

Koman: I'm not busting you out of there! No! I don't care how little they feed you! Wait, what? Okay, maybe you.

Sai: Any animals from my family here?

Ukushi: Oh yeah. What is your animal?

Sai: Well. It's not a very well-known animal. And my animal sign is always hidden. So yeah, it would be hard to figure out. Anyway, look. Maybe that will help. -pulls up shirt sleeve and a hole is in his bottom-forearm-

Ukushi: ... That's odd, but doesn't help at all.

Sai: (sighing) Fine. How about this? -a spike comes out and goes up to his middle-finger in height-

Ukushi: Nothing. A bit creepy though.

Sai: What if I tell you it's a poison-tipped spike? -spike retracts-

Ukushi: -steps back- Still nothing.

Sai: I am a platypus.

Ukushi: What?! Then why do you have a spike?!

Sai: Because a male platypus has poisonous spikes to battle with.

Ukushi: Learn something new everyday.

Sai: Yep. Saniku just makes it more interesting.


-Saniku is doing a monkey dance as a baby claps and a mother laughs-

Koman: -holding a bag of doggy buiscuts- Does this really make a hair shiny and teeth white?

Yomoru: Saniku. Stop that! You aren't a moneky, remember?

Saniku: Whatever. Say that again in 24 hours.

Yomoru: We need to go. In a petstore, really? You don't look at any animals in a petstore?

Saniku: -as dragged out by the others- There aren't any primates in here. Other than people of course but still!


Ukushi: Look at that!

Saniku: I don't get it. Why do I have to be quiet?

Koman: Because I just know you will make some comment that we will all regret.

Yomoru: I didn't think Ukushi was that kind of person...

Saniku: Wait, shouldn't you be working on your project?

Ukushi: This is so CUTE! Why does it have to be so expensive?!

Yomoru: This is stupid...


Yomoru: This is great! I don't have this one. Man, it's so expensive.

Ukushi: This is so stupid...


Saniku: Look at that!

Yomoru: Sai! Please let me just go home. What good is being a monkey if I can't have fun? It's really irritating and embarassing!

Sai: Oh yeah. I forgot. That was a joke. You just need to slap Saniku's forehead with your right hand.

Yomoru: You are irritating...

Sai: Says the guy who thought a Halberd was supposed to be thrown into a river.

Yomrou: Toche'...

-Yomoru walks over and slaps Saniku's forehead. A flash of light, then Saniku has a tail and Yomoru is normal again-

Yomoru: Awesome!

Saniku: It feels cozy.

Saniku: -stands and people whisper and point at his tail- The primate exhibit is that way. See your favorite monkeys climb around. No flash photography.

-people laugh and walk to where Saniku is pointing-

Saniku: Let's go to the primate exhibit.

Yomoru: -shrugs- I guess. Now that I am human again.

Ukushi: I'd rather not...

Saniku: Why not?

Ukushi: Well... monkeys... kinda...

Koman: Scare you? Ha!

Saniku: Wa? -looks dejected-

Ukushi: No no! Just... Let's go.

Yomoru: You sure?

Ukushi: Ye-

Koman: No. But she is willing to hide her thoughts and emotions for the better of the group.

Saniku: Good enough for me!


-group walks in the exhibit-

Ukushi: -steps closer to Yomoru, eyes widening-

Ukushi: (shaky) You coming Saniku? Please...

Saniku: Can't. See. -points at a 'don't feed monkeys' sign and then at the banana in his hand-

Sai: Stop trying to be funny.

Saniku: -laughs and walks in- Fine.

-monkeys all stop howling and look at Saniku-

Saniku: This is very disturbing.

Ukushi: Yeah... It's scarier than before.

Sai: Look. If anything bad happens, I'll just stab them.

Koman: You're providing a strange sense of security to her.

Saniku: Over my dead body!

-Saniku snaps his fingers and every monkey starts shouting and spitting at Sai-

Saniku: This is so cool...

Ukushi: (shouting) Don't! Change them back! CHANGE THEM BACK!!

Saniku: -cevering his ears- FINE!

-Saniku snaps again and they all walk into their shelters to sleep-

Yomoru: -everyone looks at the group- We should leave.


Saniku: Why didn't you release Yomoru's arm the entire walk back here?

Ukushi: -blushing- I was... scared.

Saniku: The entire way here?

Ukushi: You freaked me out! Think about it from my view. You can, at any moment, just snap your fingers and an army of things that freak me out most of all will become insane all at once!

Saniku: It doesn't work like that... But I understand.

Koman: Oh no. Saniku, run. Fast.

Saniku: Why? I want to continue bothering Ukushi.

Koman: Then you will be bothered tenfold. Now.

-doorbell rings-

???: ~Helloooohooooo?~

Saniku: OH CRAP!!!

Sai: -opens door- Hello there Daimu.

Daimu: Is Saniku here?

-Saniku's eyes get wide and he bolts up the stairs-

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