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-Saniku walks in, dreary. His shoulders are slumped, his eyes are dark, and bandages wrap around all of him but his eyes, tips of fingers, toes, neck and mouth-

Saniku: Hello all. How are you today?

Yomoru: You okay dude?

Saniku: Very, very good. And you?

Ukushi: You seem very kind today.

Saniku: -smiles weakly- I am. I don't know, I just feel -spreads arms and inhales greatly- Good... happy.

Koman: -Ukushi and Yomoru look at him- It happens when a Dobu Family member transforms. It basically sucks all the negative out of you. Scientifically, it uses up a bunch of testosterone. Saniku is really weird in these kinds of days... Watch yourself... I don't know how to explain it...

Sai: -walks in room- Just... He reacts differently in these times than usual. Not badly, but more, embarissing... more unexpected. He of course forgets what happens though, so it's usually only guilt-inducing to his victims.

Yomoru: So when are we going to write the report?

Ukushi: Uh... just... just wait. We have plenty of time and these Dobu Family people are good to talk to about this.

Yomoru: (to himself) Well... at least she is talking... That's good.

Saniku: So what's that you have there?

Yomoru: What? My iPhone? It's a text from my friend.

Saniku: -takes phone and clicks a button- Cool... Wait... What were you talking about?

Yomoru: -quickly snatches phone- Don't read that! That's none of your buisness!

Saniku: You were talking about bad stu-

Yomoru: Hey I need help learning how to climb.

Saniku: But... why? Not for gym... cause' school's out. Right?

Yomoru: Yeah...

Sai: Hey Saniku... He wants to avoid the conversation about his friends and their 'bad' conversations.

Saniku: -Yomoru freezes and looks at Saniku- Oh... Okay. C'mon I'll show you the ropes.

-They leave as Sai looks disappointed-


-Saniku is hanging upside-down just by his feet eye-level with Yomoru. Yomoru is wearing a unitard and Saniku is also-

Yomoru: Why do I have to wear this?!

Saniku: Because we shouldn't go all barbaric with a woman on the estate and we need to protect our arms and legs. Now, to climb, the basic things to know ar-...

Yomoru: (thinking to himself) Is this what they meant? I wonder what I could get away with in Saniku's state.

Saniku: So then it's all about finding a hold, keeping balance, and having no fear. So then you-

Yomoru: Hey Saniku, you sure you are doing that right?

Saniku: Well... I am technically a monkey. So yeah, I think I do.

Yomoru: (thinks) Nothing... (out loud) You suck at climbing.

-Saniku looks at him and Yomoru flinches-

Yomoru: (thinks) Too much... FAR too much...

Saniku: -jumps off a tree limb and front flips twice before landing- You're the one who wants to know how to climb.

Yomoru: (thinks) I'll roll with it... (out loud) That was too avoid the conversation...

Saniku: So... I did that speach for nothing... and showed that for nothing... and dressed like an idiot for nothing... just to get critisized by someone I look up to...

Yomoru: You... look up to me?

Saniku: Not so much anymore.

-Saniku hops into the trees and swings from tree to tree back home-


Yomoru: Why the heck did I do that?!

Ukushi: -pats back and sets cup in front of him- Don't worry. He won't remember tommorrow, see? It'll be fine.

Sai: Yeah. We use these days to learn about him and then he forgets and any trouble we get into he forgets. It's a win-win.

Yomoru: Yeah but his words still... affected me...

Ukushi: Don't be too hurt...

Saniku: -walks in room, bandages off, wearing regular orange shirt and pants- Yomoru! -points finger just in front of Yomoru's face- I challenge you to a duel.

Sai: Don't get hasty now, Saniku. You know you can't do that.

Saniku: I just did. Do you accept?

Koman: What did you do Ukushi?

Ukushi: Nothing!

Saniku: I just challenged Yoomoru to a duel.

Koman: (smiling, as though very amused) What for?

Saniku: -glares at Yomoru- He said I couldn't climb.

Koman: -spits out tea- (coughing and gagging- You did what?!

Sai: -looks stunned as Koman recovers- What?! That's what you did!

Yomoru: (mumbling) Yeah. Why?

Saniku: Do you or do you not except?

Yomoru: Do I have a choice? Why are you so... wait... You seem very mad. Very negative.

Saniku: -kicks Yomoru out of his seat- Do you except?

Yomoru: -clutching his face as Ukushi runs over- Fine!

Saniku: Today at sunset. -leaves-


Saniku: I'm done... I'm done with this. -stands and opens a dresser drawer- I will use it. I am tired of this. -pulls out staff with bronze tips- I will get rid of my wrongs... I will become a DSM!


Yomoru: I thought we were gonna fight by the river.

Saniku: No. I will never go back there. Ever.

Sai: -raises hand- The winner, as usual, is to be brought honor into the Dobu Family. The loser, must agree to the single term of the winner. -lowers hand- Begin!

Yomoru: Saniku, I hope we can wo-

-Saniku appears before him and knocks him into a tree, knocking Yomoru out-

Saniku: I win.


Saniku: You awake yet?

Yomoru: Huh?

Ukushi: Thank God...

Sai: You were pretty good... You lasted a whole second.

Koman: I can't believe Saniku took that long.

Saniku: My one condition of victory? Do your stupid project so you can go home.

-Saniku exites-

Yomoru: (mumbles, only he can hear it) I'm sorry for what I said...


Saniku: (Thinks to himself) I hope Yomoru and Ukushi won't be mad that I want them to go home... I should take a bath. I smell like an animal...

Yomoru: What's that smell?

Ukushi: -sniffs the air- I... think that's you, Yomoru.

Yomoru: Man, where did I land?

Sai: Oh no. He did it this time.

-a thud is heard in Saniku's room-

Koman: Did he really?

Sai: I think so.

Ukushi: Yomoru! You have a-!!!

Yomoru: What? -looks down- I HAVE A TAIL!?

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