Journey to Laputa is The Second and Final Half of Cillian Darcy the Boy as the Drop of Water When Cillian And Yuno Join Forces With Colonel Muska To Get to Laputa to Order to Defeat Kalin Darcy Ruling Earth.

The Race BeginsEdit

On the 29th of July 2011 at 11pm, Cillian and Yuno Followed Kanata to the Others and Then Cillian Reunited with Lorcan Darcy Lilly Darcy and Deathic Darcy who Shocked That Cillian's Babysitting Yuno, Kanata Said That She's Guided them because it's a Thank You Gift For Helping Her, Lorcan is Happy that It's Really Nice for Him. Lilly Coming up a Plan to Warn the Students and Get the Heck out of Japan, Yuno said She's Done with Japan and Decide to Head off to Ireland to Make a Go for it, Lilly Accepts to Go to Ireland, So then Deathic can Guide them Back to School. on Their Walking Back, Yuno is Talking to Lorcan Riki Lilly and Deathic while Cillian Thank Kanata for Taking Him and Yuno. Kanata said it's a Only thing to Help Her as a Friend and She's Also Apologies to Him for What Happened. so then Lorcan Ask Cillian to Tell Them More About Himself, Cillian Came from Tokyo to Sakurami, Lorcan Amazed that He's a Great Adventurer and a Great Babysitter so then Colonel Muska is Still Planning to Destroy the School, And Lorcan Must Get to the School and Warn the Others. So then They Arrived to the School and then Cillian and Yuno Meets Nanao Hasebe for the First Time, Kanata Tolds Nanao that They Must Pack up Because Muska will Destroy the School so Nanao Accept it so they will Start in the Morning. So then at the Dorm Room, Cillian and Yuno Decide to Sleep and Cillian Thanking Her For Being a Great Friend. So then in the Morning Cillian Being Woked Up Along with Yuno by a Boy named Rito Yuuki who Meets Him as a Good Friend to Him and His sister Mikan Yuuki who Meets Yuno for the First Time, So Nanao Said That They will Better Get Packing. So at the Field. Cillian Talks to Rito that He's a Good Babysitting Yuno. Lorcan Appears to Tell Him to Come Back, so then Mikan told Cillian that She's a School Student, Along with Rito, So then Muska Appeared that Steve and Max are Going to Kill All the Students so They All Must Flee while the Military Protecting the School. So then At The City, A Disciplinary Commettie Head Yui Kotegawa Kidnapped Cillian and Yuno and Locked them In the Class and Tied them. Yui Knows Who Cillian is and She Knows That He's now a Traitor to Steve and Max, and She Will Kill Yuno First But Cillian Stand Up to Her for a Long Time Before He Left. Yui Shocked that Cillian's Protecting Yuno And Release them And Get their Way Out, Yui Walked By and Apologies for Kidnapping them. So then Muska Appeared To Tell Cillian and Yuno To Team Up With Him to Get to Laputa so then They Agreed, So Then They Head off on an Adventure to Begin their Race to Defeat The Inflection King and Max.

The Journey to the Castle in the SkyEdit

While Leaving the City, Cillian Yuno And Muska Heading off the Laputa. Yuno Ask Cillian What Laputa is, Cillian Answers That Laputa is a Castle is in the Sky. All Muska's and Sheeta's Ansectors Left Laputa To Live on Earth, Muska Amazed Cillian That He Knows the History of the Kingdom. So Then At Marco and Ai's Place, Everyone is Having a Party but then Toru And Misaki Shocking that Cillian and Yuno Turned Against SALF as Enemies, Max Call Them Traitors so then All The Government to Kidnapped the Others And Search and Kill Them. So then At the Ship, Cillian Look At the View in the Air. Yuno Saw Cillian Enjoying the Adventure, So then Muska Decide to Talk to Cillian and Tell Him that It's Been a Long time. Cillian Accepts that It Is So Long. And Yuno Saw Something Scary In Front of them and it Turns Out to Be a Rhino, Cillian Shocked that it Is a Rhino that Kill His Parents then He Got So Mad and Use the Cannon To Kill it and then He Did it, so then He Crashland on the Ground and Turns out to Be Arrive to Laputa, so then He Must Find Muska and Yuno And Tell them that He Found Laputa. So then He Saw His Arch Enemy, Kalin and Max who Kidnapped His Family and Friends Except Muska and Yuno.

The Final Showdown (Part 1)Edit

Cillian Must Find Away inside the Kingdom and then Being Caught by Steve who Happy to See Him Again to Tell Him That He's Sorry for Making Fun of Him and then They End up Working Together.

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