Johnny B. Gewd is the fifth episode of Baka-Chan.


The gang meets Johnny Hoops, a talking basketball hoop in an gym in an abandoned park, and they try to get him back to Juno's home.

The episode partly involves Marcelline's incident with a creepy bus driver. At the end, when Marcie finally says no, the bus driver tells her she treats everyone so badly. He then tries playing favorites with Ku, obviously looking for a new victim in her. Marcie gives him a confident glare, and Twitty gets into her dragon form behind her, scaring the bus driver, and he runs into his bus and attempts to drive away. Twitdragon breathes fire at the bus, causing it to melt with the driver inside it.


Due to themes of sexual harassment, Marcie's part of the plot was toned down for the Right Stuf Dub.



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