Johnathan Shockwave
Johnathan Shockwave
Johnathan Shockwave Age 11


4 (current) 11 (picture)




Shockwave Alien (appears human)


Black (blonde or yellow while in Super Shockwave form)


Black (white while in Super Shockwave form)




Jaken Shockwave


Moroto Shockwave


Danny, Jesse (future)


Kia and Kaia (future)


Nan Latham, Jessica Drake

Johnathan Nathan Shockwave, the 2nd son of Jaken Shockwave, is a cool, curious young boy. He is ruthless, and can kill anyone who faces him. The hidden power he possesses is very mysterious, and only awakens during life-threatening times. When he activates it as a 4 year old, he mostly uses only 2.5%, due to his body size. The power comes in sparks, and never lasts long until he gets older. He has 2 friends,1 who might (spoiler) become his girlfriend. Johnathan is almost asexual, due to the accident. He forgets the accident, but it takes him till he is 23 to forget it. Johnathan is a lot like Gohan, for example his face and hair are almost equal to him. But his personality is not like Gohan. As he gets older he gains a special power (cannot say, but it is an super spoiler) from a death from someone close to him. Johnathan has a craving for vanilla ice cream, and always plays video games.


Gintokiko- A yellow, gold blast that fires from long range.The blast manages to destroy or nearly obliterate any thing it touches, and only could be stopped by the user.

Irkiana- A static nuclear blast that has to be used by someone with a gigantic amount of power.


Super ShockwaveEdit

Super Shockwave Johnathan

The form is achieved when Johnathan is enraged by his friend's death. When this form first appeared, it had lightning. The next time and the rest of the time, the lightning is removed.

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