Name Huang Bei
Romanji Kyonshi
Nickname Chinese Vampire
Voiced By

Sun Cheng (game)

Junichi Suwabe (anime)

Race Chinese
Birthday July 13 (resurrection)
Age Unknown
Gender Male




Eyes White
Hair Black
Blood Type Unknown
Personal Status
Birthplace Hong Kong, China
Relatives Water-mirror (revived by)
Education Scholar
Occupation none
Fighting Style
Fighting Style

Hung Ga/Crane/Bajiquan

Hopping Corpse Kung-Fu



Rival Jack Long

"Ni buneng dabai wo"

("You cannot defeat me")

Jiangshi is a character from the Strongest Under Heaven anime and game series.


He is arrogant yet emotionless at the same time. He is a corpse with a scroll attached to his face which keeps him in a "living" state, so he has his old personality but cannot make facial expressions or display any emotion.


He is a Chinese man who had died centuries ago and was resurrected for an unknown reason by a taoist who calls himself "Water-mirror" (or "Sima Hui") and tells him to join the Strongest Under Heaven Tournament. Before he had died, he was a master of many martial arts and had seeked the strongest warrior to fight against. After being resurrected as a jiangshi he had lost most of his memories but had still kept his arrogant personality and his goal of being the strongest. When he was told to join the Strongest Under Heaven Tournament, he knew he would get to fight the strongest people in the world, so he would've tried to join even if he wasn't told to by Water-mirror.

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