Irrika Vexus (Japanese: エリカの 私達を苛立たせなさい Erika Bekuseso) is a character from the Terrible Luck Saga by Manta-bee. She seems to single out who or what she dosen't consider "cool" and is more than willing to torment such people, which is also the reason she was eager to date Lerich. She joins him at the end of the first book she appears in.

Her last name "Vexus" contains the word "vex" means to irritate or annoy, which she seems to like to do to others as well, particularly, ones she dosen't consider "cool".


She seems to have much importance in her city, and is portrayed as an unpleasant, and quite contemptable young woman. She first appears in the third graphic novel of the series, Sour Encounters. Her snobbish nature is clearly demonstrated by her obsession with what she considers "cool" and what isn't. When she first meets Sonic and Co. (supposedly because anthromorphic animals were "cool" at the time) she seems to actually like their company. Her boyfriend, Taffy is somewhat timid and usually does what Irrika says, even when he dosen't, she usually gets her way anyhow. Irrika bears resemblance to Kallen Stadtfeld of Code Geass.


Taffy MottaEdit

Taffy is Irrika's Ex-boyfriend, kind and somewhat timid, he was usually was treated like a slave by Irrika. They seemed to have broken up when Irrika started dating Lerich.

Lerich SnomisEdit

Lerich Snomis holds Irrika in extremely high regard; she is the only one (other than Lerich) allowed in the front seat of his automobile/aircraft. In The Final Call, Lerich and Irrika break up because of a fight Caterina was practically responsible for starting by demanding she be the most powerful of the villanous group.

Caterina DiffEdit

Irrika befriends Caterina but is unknown if they survive lava flood from the volcano erruption underneath The Tenpai. Irrika seems to spoil Caterina, such as giving her evil super powers in The Final Call and seems to like her more than Lerich seems to, though in The Final Call. But afterwards, she states haughtily to that Caterina that they are no longer friends and how could she possibly be friends with such an ugly thing. Possibly, because Caterina's style is no longer "cool".

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