This is a movie version of the anime version of Iron Man. It'll air on Right Stuf Network.


Before Tony threw his armor into the ocean, Dr. Doom invaded the city. Now Iron Man and the War Machine has to stop Dr. Doom.


  • Tony Stark / Iron Man - The main character of the anime movie. He almost threw his armor into the ocean.
  • Rhodney / War Machine - He is now employed to Stark International and at the end of the movie, he became Iron Man.
  • Pepper Potts - The-now-wife of Tony and at the end of the movie, she became the War Machine.
  • Ho Yinsen - The hardware maker of Stark International. He was killed by Doom when he found the first Iron Man armor (Tales of Suspense #39-#48)
  • Dr. Doom - The main villain of the anime movie and was killed by Iron Man 2 (Rhodney) when Ho was killed.



Iron Man (2010 anime movie) Transcript

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