Indiana Jones and the Gold Goddess is a two-part OVA. It is based on the Two-Issue Marvel comics. It is made by Production I.G. and music was by Yoko Konno. Each part is 70 minutes long


The first OVA opens with antique dealer Saad Hassim examining the Chachapoyan Fetility Idol inside his store. Indiana Jones and Sallah enter his shop and take the idol before knocking him out. A Hovito fighter names Xomec, and a Nazi named Ilsa Toht arrive too late. The National Museum celebrates the recovery of the Idol while Indy shares a drink with Marion Ravenwood. Xomec and his Hovito warriors use their disguises as charity workers and take the idol back, despite heroic attempts by Museum guards to stop them. Knowing that they have done "dodgy charity work", Indi heads out to recover the idol.


Japanese CastEdit

  • Toshiyuki Morikawa ... Indiana Jones
  • Masakazu Morita ... Xomec
  • Rumiko Ukai ... Ilsa Toht
  • Mika Doi ... Marion Ravenwood
  • Ryuzaburo Otomo ... Marcus Brody

Confirmed English CastEdit

  • Harrison Ford ... Indiana Jones
  • Karen Allen ... Marion Ravenwood

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