Ichirō Kodama



Kodama Ichirō

Gender Male
Status Defeated

Teacher, Tournament's Host

Class 2-B (English teacher)

3-D (Homeroom)

Seiyū [2] Ryūsei Nakao[3] Chris Ayres

Character OutlineEdit

Ichirō Kodama (児玉 一郎 Kodama Ichirō) is an English teacher at the Majima High Academy. He has a big Smile at Cillian Darcy since He Aces All the Tests of His. and His Roles Changed in the Second Half and now He Became Cillian Darcy (2013)'s True Main Antagonist


Kodama is very loud with a childish personality. He harbors a bitter grudge towards This is due to the fact that despite playing games every day during class, Keima consistently scores perfect scores on his tests (with only one known exception, a score of 99% which Kodama proudly frames up). Kodama is disliked by many people for his personality and even Kanata Futaki and Cillian Darcy


Kodama has a large face with small eyes, large ears, a wide nose and long eyebrows. He has dark skin and black hair which is swept back, along with a very large and square chin. Whenever he speaks, he usually talks in a large voice, resulting in his mouth shown wide open. He is shown wearing a blazer with pink floral patterns.

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