Icarus Wing
Created by Mei Yamadori
Writer(s) Mei Yamadori
Director(s) Percival Fluffman, Mei Yamadori
No. of episodes 16 per-season
Run time 20 minutes
Rated TV-PG13
English Network G4, Nicktoons, Adult Swim (only movie)
First aired November 8th, 2009

Icarus Wing is an action/adventure series created by Mei Yamadori. It is based on a manga of the same name, though the manga was canceled long before the anime ended (the story was continued through the anime).


In a fictional world known as Zeonia, most of humanity travels in robot-mechs known as Steambots. Years ago, half of Zeonia was submerged by an earthquake, and then reemerged, though few attempt to explore it, believing that the "Ancients" had cursed the land.

One of the few explorers is a man named Icarus Wing. This is his story.


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Icarus Wing ran for four seasons before going on a hiatus, a hiatus it has yet to emerge from. Ironically, the first season is the only season that follows the manga, as the manga was cancelled after the same events of the Season 1 finale. However, Yamadori wrote the scripts and plot for the next three seasons.

Differences between Anime and MangaEdit

  • The manga ends with Dawn standing over Icarus's dead body, crying. In Season 2 of the anime, it is revealed that Icarus was saved by Penance, who had managed to rescue them.
  • Jet Wing did not exist in the manga, even in the reboot. This seems to evidence that Yamadori didn't like the character.
  • Bari , the main villian of Season 3, is not featured in the reboot. It jumps ahead to the Cucoon story arc.
  • In the anime, Cucoon is not featured until the fourth season. In the reboot, the Bari arc is not featured.