Hoshi no Futari
Created by Akira Junsui (aka Justice0)
Writer(s) Akira Junsui
Director(s) Akira Junsui
No. of episodes 24
Run time 22-23 minutes

Hoshi no Futari (星のふたり lit. The Two of the Stars) is an anime that was written, directed, and created by Akira Junsui who also created the anime Shizuka Shizuko, Shino no Shinjitsu, and Otaku Secret Society.

The story is set in modern Tokyo, Japan in a fictional school named Harunami High School. The story is about two young rising stars who were unexpectedly drawn to each other despite their differences.


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"Have you ever gazed at the sky and wondered how small you were? There are an infinite amount of stars in the sky, yet they seem so small; knowing the truth makes you realize that people are even smaller. I love stars, that's why I hate them..."

Rena Subaru is a cold-hearted loner who dislikes loud people and Sora Amane is a dynamic dancer who likes to be loud and friendly, so when these two are together, they can never get along, but they both keep a secret that only the other knows. Rena is secretly an incredibly popular gravure idol known by the alias, Rina Hoshi, and Sora is secretly the heir to an incredibly rich family. After an accident where Rena becomes soaked from the gardening club when she is exiting the school, she returns to her classroom to change into her gym clothes only to then be interrupted in the middle of changing by Sora, who discovers that his most beloved idol was actually the girl he hated most and is forced to keep it a secret or else he'll forever be branded as a pervert. How long can these two last together before their secrets are out?


Harunami Class 2-CEdit

Rena SubaruEdit

Also known as Rina Hoshi, a gravure idol popular for her boyish personality, big bust, and unique birthmark on her chest. As Rena Subaru, she is a near-emotionless loner who only cares about graduating so she can become an astronomer. She is often said to be arrogant because of her lack of communication with others and her exceeding knowledge in math and science. Also due to her large chest, she is often assumed to be slightly overweight because of her clothes covering her body and her disappearance on swimming days. As Rina Hoshi, she is outgoing and boyish, easy to make friends with and also easy to become rivals with. She mainly appears as a bikini model because of her womanly figure. As Rina, she has several friends in the modeling agency and would often go out with them, but as Rena, she has no friends and often keeps away from people. As Rena, she has a long straight hairstyle and wears thick glasses, but as Rina, she has messy long hair usually tied in a ponytail and wears contacts. She occasionally wanders off stargazing at nights and often times question herself on who she really is. Rena is horrible at singing, but learns how to sing after she is told to temperarily act as the pop idol, Luna Mizuki, which made her become popular after her surprising reveal. Her past is shown through her opening monologues, showing that she took interest in astronomy as a child, her father died in an accident when she was young, she was abandoned by her friends, and more. She eventually falls in love with Sora Amane despite never realizing it. She is voiced by Maaya Sakamoto.

Sora AmaneEdit

A popular street dancer who often dances in unpopulated areas in the city with his friends. Sora is a simple-minded boy who only dreams of dancing and has no goals for the future, but because of this, he is easily approachable and has many friends who like him for being himself. Because of how he was raised as a child, he always tries to stick to his honor by defending people and never allowing a lady to be hurt, though this is usually done by instinct, not his own decisions. Sora's family is rich and has a history of being traditional dancers for festivals and rituals, but he left his family and lives on his own in an apartment. He is a siscon, despite denying it, he will often do anything for his little sister except return home. Before finding out Rena's secret, he was a big fan of Rina Hoshi and had a crush on her, even after discovering Rena was Rina, Sora keeps posters of her hidden in his room as he still liked Rina Hoshi. He usually wears headphones around his neck, even in school. Sora eventually falls in love with Rena and kisses her as his confession. He is voiced by Kenichi Suzumura.

Jin TakasugiEdit

The homeroom teacher of class 2-C. Takasugi is a lazy, cynical, and sarcastic middle-aged man who looks as if he's still in his early 20s. Takasugi hates being a teacher and was once a musician for a rock band before they split apart due to conflicting interests in their college years. He is an English teacher in Harunami High School and is disliked by the majority of the staff because of his rude behavior, smoking habits, and background, but he is loved by his students for being supportive and dedicated to helping them despite not acting like it. In his past, he was a guitarist for a band named High & Mighty; before the band was dissolved, they had one hit song and was starting the road to success before an accident that caused the death of their lead singer, Suzuka Harudori, who was also Takasugi's lover. High & Mighty split apart not soon after the accident and Takasugi graduated college with perfect scores, becoming a teacher at his old high school, Harunami. Takasugi looks young despite being in his mid 30s and dresses in a plain clothes with his hair tied back and having his bangs usually covering one of his eyes. He eventually falls in love with one of his fellow teachers, Haruka Suzaku, and marries her after a year. He is voiced by Yuuichi Nakamura.

Sakura HaruichiEdit

One of Sora's street dancer friends. Sakura is a feminine looking male who hates his name and appearance because it usually leads to misunderstandings. He is very popular amongst young boys and would often be confessed to by males who don't know his gender, which makes him easy to anger and because of this, he is often jealous of his friends for getting a lot of love letters from girls since he usually gets love letters from boys. He is usually very positive and easy to get along with, as long as he isn't mistaken to be a girl. Sakura prefers to be called by his nickname "Saku" because his real name is a female name. He has the face of a beautiful woman and has long silky hair, which makes it easy for people to misunderstand that he is a male. He is voiced by Jun Fukuyama.

Daichi TetsuyamaEdit

One of Sora's street dancer friends. Daichi is a tall and strong male who is very athletic and smart, being the most popular of all his friends. He is a kind and supportive person who is very naive and gullible, which sometimes leads him into trouble, usually not understanding the situations until someone else explains it to him. He is voiced by Yoshimasa Hosoya.

Kiseki HarunoEdit

A cute and awkward girl who has a strange interest in Rena. Kiseki is a clumsy and curious girl who loves mysteries, so she finds suspiscion in Rena's cold attitude and takes interest in trying to figure out her secret, but it sometimes leads to people thinking she's a stalker or a lesbian. She is usually seen with her friend, Yumi, around her and making jokes. Kiseki has a problem with talking to boys, especially boys she finds attractive, which often makes her twice as clumsy as she usually is and also makes her mess up her words when talking. She wears thick glasses and has long braided black hair, but when she takes off her glasses and braids, she becomes very attractive and the center of attention for a lot of people. She is voiced by Yui Horie.


Kiseki's best friend. Yumi is a boyish girl who loves to make jokes and play mind tricks with people. Not much is known about her. She is voiced by Emiri Katō.


A girl in class 2-C, who is always shown with her three other friends, who are unnamed. She is seen as the leader of the group and usually gossips with them. She is voiced by Chiwa Saitou. Her friends are voiced by Yuka Iguchi, Aya Endou, and Yui Horie.


Usagi OkinaEdit

Harunami High School's star news reporter and a student of class 3-A. Usagi is an attractive and seductive girl who loves big stories and secrets. She is willing to do almost anything to find an interesting story and reveal it to the public; this becomes a problem for Sora and Rena because she finds out that there is a secret between them that they hiding. Usagi has a reputation for being both a great matchmaker and a sleazy gossip reporter, so she is beloved and hated by the school's students. She eventually finds out that Sora and Rena did indeed have a secret with each other, but mistakens it as them secretly dating. She loves to dress up as a bunny girl and often does it for her new reports and special events like the cultural fair. She is voiced by Yuka Iguchi.

Haruka SuzakuEdit

A math teacher of Harunami High School and the homeroom teacher of class 3-A. Haruka is a kind and supportive young woman who is beloved by her students and also by her fellow teachers. She is referred to by her given name rather than her family name because she well liked in a personal level by several students, even having been confessed to by many boys, though she always rejects them. Haruka usually keeps an eye on Takasugi because she wants to undo the misunderstandings about him, but having spied on him since the time she has been a teacher, she gained a crush on him over the years and has slowly progressed in their relationship, which leads to their marriage later in the series. She is voiced by Aya Endou.

Yuuichi YamadaEdit

A Japanese teacher of Harunami High School and the homeroom teacher of class 3-D. He hates Takasugi because of he believes that Takasugi is a horrible person since he is always a slacker who treats everyone with disrespect. Yamada believes that one's grades represent the kind of person they are, so he holds high faith in Rena Subaru that she will become a success so long as she stays the person she is. He loses his respect for Rena after news of her stage appearance as Luna Mizuki spreads and treats her like he does for students he sees as failures, by usually ignoring them and giving them bad faces. He is voiced by Nozomu Sasaki.


A producer and manager who takes care of Rena's group. He is a smart and reasonable young man who's goal is to support and make his girls into top idols. Ricky's real name is unknown. He is one of few people who knows of Rena's secret. He is voiced by Atsushi Abe.


A gravue idol and a friend of Rina. Nozomi is an outgoing and easily excited girl the same age as Rena, however, she dropped out of school in order to be a full time idol. She believes in fate and has a crush on Sora after witnessing his street dance for the first time. She is voiced by Nozomi Sasaki.


A gravure idol and a friend of Rina. Aya is a calm and easygoing girl who loves simplicity. She is usually seen together with Minori and often has pair photo shots with her. She is 18 years-old and a student of Tokyo High School. She is voiced by Rina Satō.


A gravure idol and a friend of Rina. Minori is a shy, but dynamic girl who often overcomes obstacles with the help of her friends. She is 18 years-old and a student of Tokyo High School. She is said to be the best singer in her group. She is voiced by Minori Chihara.

Yui AmaneEdit

Sora's younger sister and a student of a Shoei Girls' Junior High School. Yui is an energetic girl with a dream to become a popular idol like Rina Hoshi, so she is a big fan of her almost to the point where she becomes a pervert. She likes to sometimes take advantage of her big brother's siscon personality and make him do a lot of stuff for her, but there are some limits on what she can do to him. Since she and Sora are fans of Rina Hoshi, Sora lies to her about having Rina Hoshi as his girlfriend to impress her, and so Rena pretends to be his girlfriend and surprises Yui. Because Yui is a huge fan of Rina Hoshi, she is able to instantly recognize that Rena Subaru is actually Rina Hoshi on their second meeting, making her one of the few people to know her secret. She is voiced by Asami Shimoda.

Tetsuo AmaneEdit

Sora and Yui's grandfather and the former CEO of Amane Corporation before he passed it on. Tetsuo is a playful old man who likes to pretend that he is dying to get his family to do things, but they usually don't fall for it since he does it too often. He loves young women and he is also a pervert who likes to spy in baths, but he is usually stopped by his maid or his wife. He is voiced by Shigeru Chiba.

Yomi AmaneEdit

Sora and Yui's grandmother and a traditional dancer. Yomi taught Sora and Yui how to dance at a young age and help made Amane Corporation bigger than it originally was by making it support and host many festivals in several towns and cities. Yomi is a kind old lady who is very scary when angered, said to even make the devil cower by her grandchildren. She has a hobby of fortune telling and knows about Rena's secret and also knows that she and Sora also like each other, so she likes to joke with Rena when they are alone together. She is voiced by Megumi Hayashibara.


The head maid of the elder Amane household. She is a calm and monotone young woman in her late 20s who sees Yomi Amane as an ideal figure for a mother and is deeply devoted to her as a servant. Though she is always monotone, it is quite obvious when she is happy or angry by a strange atmosphere that she always carries. She is voiced by Satomi Arai.

Lilly SaionjiEdit

A gravure idol, pop idol, and the self-proclaimed rival of Rina Hoshi and Luna Mizuki. Lilly is an arrogant and strange girl who is the same age Rena is. She has a love for cute things and often times try to buy anything she finds cute with money. She is the one of the very few people who are able to tell that Rena Subaru is Rina Hoshi from looking at her, so it was easy for her to track her down in her private life. Lilly, to everyone's surprise, is Sora's childhood friend and former fiance before he left his family; Lilly still harbors love for him when they were young and tries to persuade Sora to return to no success and becomes heartbroken when she hears about the rumors that he was dating Rena, which are later explained by Rena. She eventually gives up on trying to bringing Sora back after she finds out about his street dancing and sees how passionate he is about it. After the reveal of the truth of Luna Mizuki, she becomes disappointed. She is voiced by Chiwa Saitou.

Luna MizukiEdit

A mysterious pop idol who appeared and disappeared quickly after reaching fame. Luna is an energetic and positive girl who dreamt of becoming an idol, but shortly after reaching great fame and her first ever live concert, she died of illness due to her fragile body. However, even after death, no one knew that she was actually dead and her songs still played as normal through the country. She was managed and produced by her childhood friend, Kei Tendou, whom she loved. Due to her resemblance to Rena, she is sometimes assumed to be Rina Hoshi in another identity, so Rena took disguise as her for her second and final live concert. It isn't until the end of Rena's live concert that the truth about Luna is revealed to the public. Before she died, she was known for only three songs, but her forth song that she had written was never sung until Rena takes her identity on stage. Luna's real name is Rena Kiyoshi and she lived a secret double life before she died. She is voiced by Nana Mizuki.

Kei TendouEdit

Luna's manager, producer, and childhood friend. Kei is a smart young man just slightly older than Luna, being able to be in charge of idol career at the age of 18 when she was 15. Because of his clever planning, Luna was able become popular within only a few months since they began, so her songs spread quickly through their first year without her ever making an appearance, and on their second year, Luna was able to have her first live concert and it was filled with her fans, though it wasn't very soon after that she died holding Kei's hands in a hospital. Kei is determined to keep Luna's dream alive by making her appear on fake net interviews and keeping a fake blog for her fans. Kei discovers Rena on accident one day when he is wandering around the city and decides to make her become an idol to keep Luna Mizuki alive as they have very similar appearances. He becomes satisfied with Rena's result after her live concert and moves on away from Luna believing in what she might have wanted. He is voiced by Junji Majima.