"HAIL TO THE HELL LORD!"-The Horde Of Hell Battle Cry

The Horde of Hell(地獄の大群 Jigoku no Taigun) is the main Antagonist group of Retro Ace Corps, They are lead by the Damned Scuplter: Necronicus who plans to conqureing every reality of every shape, size, and form.



Necronicus(The Grand King Of Darkness AKA The Chaos Master God by Chaos Marines)

The Dark Council Of The HordeEdit

A member of the Dark Council is known as a Hell-Master or Hell-Mistress

DARK Team(aka The Clones)

Captain Kuro

Catpain Don Kreig

Captain Arlong


Lady Arachne

Claude Faustus


Khorne God of Bood and Rage-One of the 4 Gods of Chaos, Impatient, Short-Tempered, and Thick-Headed. His sector of Chaos Marines, The World Eaters, spread his violent rage throughout the Warhammer Universe*

Nurgle God of Decay-A obsese horned green deity, even though he appeares to be painfuly diseased, he really is not. He has a sick sense of humor and is disturbingly jolly. The Chaos Marines that serve him are "Plague Marines" who were originally the "Death Watch"*

Slaanesh God/Godess of Pain and False Pleasure-Best described by Khorne as a "Genderly Confused Maniac", totaly spycotic twisting between male and female constantly. He/She loves to start fights with Khorne laughing maniacly as he does. The Chaos Marines that serve this maniac are "Noise Marines" formaly "Children of The Emperor"*

Tzeentch God Of Change and Sourcery-The "Book-Smarts" of the 4 Gods of Chaos. He is rather cold and calculating, and speaks with a high-nosed tone and sometimes gets into an argument with his brother Nurgle while the other 2 siblings just watch for their amusement. His head is a ball of fire with his face constantly shifting and he is dressed in blue robes. He is always seen carrying a book and reading, learning everything he can about the enemy, his followers among the Chaos Marines are the Thousand Sons.*

  • The majority of Chaos Marines though is Chaos Undivided who serve all 4 equally instead of favoring one more than others


The Major

Gray Mann

Army of The DamnedEdit

Darkness Generals

The Ringmaster (Circus Patriach)

Orlock (Halloween Patriach named after the silent vampire film Nosferatu)



Pyramid Head

The Captain

Zorin Blitz (Kaijin form; Sythe Mantis)

Jan Valentine (Kaijin form; Kabuto Flail)

Luke Valentine (Kaijin form; Scorpio Laser)

Tublacan Alhumbra (Kaijin form; Mousqito Syringe)

Rip Van Winkel (Kaijin form; Sparrow Musket)

Colonel Zol (a Nazi Colonel who like The Captain is a werewolf/kaijin hybrid Wolfsteinier, only his werewolf form has red eyes, gold fur, and blue skin, he is also a former commanding officer of Shocker)

Professor Shinigami (Kaijin form; IkaDevil)

General Black (Kaijin form; Leecheleon)

General Monster (Kaijin form; Yamorijin)

Headless Horseless Horseman


Gremlins (Half Life ep 1 Beta Stalkers)


Hell-Goblins (Halloween Clot)


Stalker (Killing Floor)

Man Monkeys (Circus Scrakes)




Cursed Sword Swallowers (Circus Gorefasts)


Stalkers (Killing Floor)

Fleshcrush(Halloween Fleshpound)


Dead-Mechs(Circus Husks aka Incredible Mechanical Men)

Yoma/Specimen Hybrids:




Don Krieg's Pirates (AKA Flintlockers)

Kuro's Pirates (AKA Ally-cats)

Arlong's Pirates (AKA Fishmen)

Combine Zombies (Hell Hounds)

Zombie Orks (Hell-Troopers)

Chaos Marines




GRAY Bots-robot drones made in the likeness of the RED and BLU Mercinaries

Neo Nazi Vampires and Kaijin (aka The Monster Reich)-Young wreckless Neo Nazis from America and Northern Eroupe using the DNA of Incognito the Major had them transformed into artifical vampires, while the others were transformed into Kaijin. The creation of the army was formed by Necronicus merging the remains of Millenium with another Nazi Occult organization called Shocker, who also gave Claude his own Cromwell-To see more Die Hand von Mystic Krieg

Secret Weapon

Future Spade


The Anounncer(deceased)

Little Demon

Satan Stein

Insane Death The Kid

Nea Walker


Ash Landers (later Slanneshi Prince Landers)


G-Man's RoleEdit

The reson why G-Man (His real name later revealed as Garrarax a crystaline-being capable of mimicking bodies of whoever he chooses) offered a "Job" to Freeman was because of the purpose of Freeman ending up in a rebellion against the Combine. To use him to destroy both sides so Necronicus, G-Man's "Employer" could start his invasion easily, however the Vorginauts knew at least what G-Man planed on having Gordan do, and Breen only knew that G-Man wanted to bring down the Combine, but neither side knew who EXACTLY he was working for. G-Man never side either one, he just decided to "do what he can be allowed to do" and if he failed, Necronicus would start the invasion himself. This is what G-Man mean't by "Unforseen Consequences", when he failed, Necronicus had lost his patience, and killed him after G-Man plucked the Ace out of his world. The Scuplters sensing their evil brother's powers growing, they began merging realities to streanghten the defending forces of every world in every universe (this created the G-Mod world).

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