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Henshin:Legacy is a crossover anime of classic Tokatsu Heroes this is also a sequel to Kikaider 01: The Animation which the leader is a new Kikaider model, "Kikaider 3.0" who is not an android like his proceaders, but in fact a cyborg his real name is Tashi Katsuo after being assaulted by the Dinosaur Army Reborn,Jiro and Mitsuko find Tashi mauled and bleeding to death and Devil Hat appears to them telling them to stay out of their way or they are next. They group brings Tashi back to Miksuko's house there, Jiro's belt project a map of the house,they bring Tashi down to the base ment where they find mutiple medical and surgical robots online,then one of the robots instructs Jiro to place Tashi onto the operating table and he does,then the belts speak in a computerized voice saying "Data fragments of project 3.0 required to finalize operation" in other words, Jiro must give a piece of his own power to Tashi,also using the remains of Jiro's brothers the belts of Ichiro and Rei, a new Kikaider modle is born, Kikaider 3.0 it turns out that this was a secret project for a military experiment to make cyborg super soilders and it was lost long ago and now it has been used to save Tahi's life,in return he fights alongside the Kikaider as Kikaider 3.0,later on other heroes join them to from "The Alliance".

Alliance membersEdit

Tashi(Leader)-He has the ability t transform into Kikaider 3.0, he can combine with Kikaider's clear head plate, 01's clear shoulder plates and clear cuffs,and 00's clear arm plates and his red and blue color's change to gold and silver, in this form he has gone to "Supernova" by using the solar piece's he can deliver a devastating blow "Nova Beam!" Kikiader's appearance is a mix of Metalder​ from Choujinki Metalder​ and a classic Kikiader look, also his mouth is covered by a mouth piece also some of his organs can be seen in his left side of his chest(Heart,one of his lungs, muscles, bone, and nerves) he has a girlfriend named Kia Hishima who know's her boyfirend's identity, both Kia and Tashi's parents where friends and scientists who where brutaly murdered by Professer Gill's robots and they now live with Tashi's grandfather Dr.Tori, Tashi plays the Saxaphone and also is a bit of a manga and anime geek.

Jiro(2nd in command)

Ichiro(rebuilt and revived)

Rei(rebuilt and revived)

Kamen Riders(1 to Black RX)

Denjin Zaborga


Choujin Barom 1



Zone Fighter


Robot Keiji K

Jumborg Ace and 9

Skyzel and Groundzel(Uchuu Tetsujin Kyodain)

Akumaizer 3

The Classic Ultra Brothers


Giant Robo(80's-90's anime)

Tetsujin 28(Classic)

Big One(From JAKQ)

Daitetsujin 17(AKA Brain 17)

Machine Man

Mirror Man

Tetsujin Tiger

Fire Man/Magma Man

more will join as the series progresse

Supporting CharatersEdit

Dr.Tori-Tashi's grandfather and guiness of robotics and thought of the "Evolution theroy" which state a Bio-Android can adapt and evolve into a hybrid of human and machine.

56-W "Groucho", 67-X "Harpo", 78-Y "Chico", and 89-Z "Zeppo"- Four bumbling repair drone's built by Dr.Tori, they where named after the comidian group "The Marx Brothers" Due to their personalities and voices similar to the Marx Brothers, they are simple floating metal spheres, each with a robotic eye, and each with a specialized tool equiped on their arms, they serve as matinace for Jiro and Tashi.

The Future Alliance-Heroes from the future who travel back to the present to warn the heroes about the Dark Mirror Army, The Members are Jumborg X(Jean-Borg), Mirror Knight, Fire Man Nova, Ultra Brothers(Tiga to Zero), Kamen Riders(Kuuga to OOO), Metaler, and Barom 2


Opening theme "Stand Strong! Henshin Legacy!"



The strongest warriors in the world!

Switch On!

The mightyest in the universe!






The bravest of all the others!


Brave ones,stand stong!

Victory will be at hand!

None of you will fight alone!

Together you will stand!



Defending across the land!



Together your hearts band!



fighting for right is in your soul!



Dont stop till peace is whole!

Never give up! Dont be a fool!

Slay evil's rule!

Neither Big! Neither Small!

Justice conqures all!




5, 4!



3, 2!



1, GO, GO, GOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Justice and Freedom is their source!

Of their powers and their force!

Guiding the world's corse!

Henshin LEGACY!


The Dinosaur Army Reborn Saga-The Triple Neck Demon is back and he is angry! His most loyal subject Devil Hat and his newest member Hikaider now rebuilt as Dino Hikaider are launching a full-scale invasion of ground level Earth! But not if Kikaider has anything to say about it! Also revivng a young man with cybernetic technology and Kikaider giving a piece of his power to the man along with Jiro's fallen brother's using their remains, a new Kikaider model is born; Kikaider 3.0! Also it seem's some other vigilances have arrived to assist the heroes in their battle against The Dinosaur Army Reborn!

Movie: Henshin Legacy vs Godzilla Earth Defenders:The attack of the Invader's Alliance!

The New Robot Army Corps Saga

Movie: Henshin Legacy vs The Green Hornet: The raid of The Phi Empire!

The Vengeance of Shocker Saga

The Xalien Empire Saga

The Dark Mirror Army Saga

Diffrences of the heroes from the original Tokasu showsEdit

Jumborg Ace and 9-Insted of Naoki's brother Shinya dies he is alive and pilots Jumborg 9 while Naoki pilots Jumborg Ace, also insted of saying "Jum Fight!" they just say "FIGHT!" at the same time, also the aliens that give the brother's vehicles the ability to transform are brothers themselves.

Robot Keji K-K has a human disguise,he has his yellow cap and shoes,red jacket,and white pants,also a pipe and moustace and has a brittish accent. When he transforms he sucks in the pipe and blows out the smoke into a cloud,then his real eyes glare in the smog then the smoke clears revaling him in true form throwing his clothes to the side and saying "Robe Off!"

Kamen Rider Black RX-Though Kotaro still has the ability to transform into Kamen Rider Black RX He split his mulitple form powers into 3 henshin belts that are seen on each of RX's forms, The powers of Roborider has been turned into the Mecha Belt and given to Jiro,Ichiro,and Rei's lost brother Kai,who has a complete concious Gemeni and has become super human like Jiro and his brothers. Jiro/Kikaider can also combine with RoboRider's armor to become Prince of Courage HeavyKaider. The powers of BioRider has been turned into The Ripple Belt and given to a stingray-like humanoid alien Gi Klax who hails from a aquatic planet, Kikaider 01/Ichiro can fuse with BioRider's armor to become Prince of Rage AquaKaider, and original Kamen Rider Black has been given to a young man Kiro Yoshima and Kikiader 00/Rei can combine with Black's Armour to become Prince of Silence ShadowKaider

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