"YOU CAN'T KILL ME! COME GET SOME, YOU MOTHERFUCKERS" - Heishi enjoying the battle.

Heishi Nishikori

Date of Birth

June 19, 1982






155 lbs


Black (Neck lenth)






Heishi Nishikori (兵士 錦織) is the main protagonist of the first anime of Red Sun. Early in the series Heishi was a senior in highschool and a member of a charity gang called the "Showa boys", but later joined the JSDF to fight the Russians.


Unlike most young anime protagonists, Heishi is very cut and toned. He has neck lenth hair, green eyes and pale skin. Early in the series he wears a black/dark grey jacket, a grey hooded vest, camo pants and combat boots (fitting his rough soldier like attitude). Durring his days in the JSDF, he wore the standard uniform worn by all the other soldiers and had a tribal tattoo extending from his back to right arm  as well a snake and dragon tattoo and a skull tattoo with two MG16's on his left shoulder. When joined the Central Readiness Force, he cut off the sleeves of his uniform and wore a headband (similar to Rambo).


Heishi is a very agressive, crude,  somewhat cocky, foul-mouthed, slightly unsociable and feral thrill seeker  who loves to fight.  While having a strong passion in military life, Heishi does not display any signs of loyalty to his country and only joined  the JSDF to both protect his loved ones  as well as satisfy his love for combat, despite his fear of death. Despite his sadistic sense of humor and strong love for battle, Heishi is an honorable,  strong willed, mature and level-headed young man with a healthy sense of right and wrong as he respects both his  superiors and elders, is unwilling to harm civillians, and understands that the Russians have families and lives just as much as he does.

Trivia Edit

  • His attitude bears a similarity with Bardock from the Dragon Ball Z series , both have an agressive personaility,  were thrill seekers, wear headbands, served as soliders, had strong codes of etheics underneath their rugged attitudes, and held a strong love for fighting. He also has traits similar to Frank Woods from the Call of Duty series. 
  • Heishi often swears as he uses the words "fuck", "shit", "motherfucker", "dipshit" and "cocksucker". 
  • Heishi speaks in a youthful, but gravely tone of voice with a slight Asian accent.
  • The attire he wore durring his time with the Central Readiness Force bears a similarity to Frank Wood's outfit from Call of Duty: Black Ops as well as Sgt. Michael "Mike" Vronsky from the Deer Hunter.
  • He is also a cigar smoker. His favorite brands include Ambrosia Mother Earth, Baccarat Petit Corona and Cuban Habanas.
  • Though he dislikes Alcohol, he still prefers to drink Rum.
  • His Creator, Williamstrother considers Heishi and Brondukov to the most human anime characters in media.
  • Despite Heishi's sense of honor and fear of death, he is not afraid of blood and seems to have a lot of pride when it comes to  fighting on the battlefield.
  • His Creator, Williamstrother also considers him to be the opposite of the stereotype of the timed and weak anime characters often portayed in media, calling him an "Anti-Shinji Ikari".

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