, birthname Joey Adams is a crazed and psychotic Gaijin/foreigner whom moved to Japan for the purpose of "connecting with his roots", as described in his own words. For his seemingly mentally ill nature, his friends have nicknamed him Hazukashi(Embaressing) as a pun on the title he has given himself.


Hazuki is a a true Gaijin, standing several feet taller than most fully grown japanese adults. He styles himself in a very slight eroguro kei fashion, the most painful part being the fact that he actually pulls the look off, as noted by his allies. He is a delinquint, or atleast, he tried to be, wearing baggy, open, and gang-like clothing getups whenever he is not at school. In terms of expression, Hazuki almost always wears a distant, absent minded, and even zoned out facial expression characterized by his dead fish-like eyes and the half shut eyelids that cover them. Hazuki's "dead fish eyes" have been a running gag throughout the series, though former ally, Gyo Shiromutsu claims that the dead and distant look in Hazuki's eyes are that of a broken man. When looking into his eyes, Gyo noticed that Hazuki was not looking at HIM, so to speak, even though the two's eyes were locked firmly in place with one another, Hazuki's eyes were not looking into Gyo's but rather ahead, at something far more important, almost as if he was focusing on something entirely different. This look in Hazuki's eyes has earned him the running gag of dead fish eyes throughout the series. Hazuki posessess long, dark raven hair which he rarely ever tends to or cuts. He himself proclaims that he refuses to cut his hair because it makes him feel "restricted" and held back from his "true self". For this reason,


Hazuki is utterly insane, and is a Japan-obsessed Otaku. His entire life seems to revolve around Japan, which is part of the purpose why he moved their to begin with. He jumps at the chance to treat every situation and exchange between himself and other Japanese people as a direct extract from a manga comic, as shown when he issued a public challenge to the "strongest in the school" after immediately being indoctrinated as a new student, though when met with detention, he meerly stated "...Thats not whats supposed to happen". He constantly makes anime, manga, and japanese culture references, treating himself as the "main character" at any chance he gets. Hazuki is the self proclaimed god of all Otaku, posessing vast knowledge over various aspects of Japanese Culture and history, while he is near omniscient when it comes to anime, music, and other parts of the countries pop culture and trends. Hazuki's favourite style of music is, quite obviously, nearly anything japanese, though he primarily listens to DEATHGAZE, MUCC, Girugamesh, Dir En Grey, and other popular japanese rock groups. Hazuki is strange and alienlike, not only by the standards of a Gaijin but by the standards of a human being from earth alltogether. He is extremely difficult to comprehend and understand, exhibiting various symptoms of mental illness, the most dominant being schizophrenia.

In a split instance Hazuki's personality and behavior can change drastically, showing signs of bipolar and multiple personality disorder. He is completely and utterly fearless, and willingly throws himself in harms way and the arms of imminent death sometimes without even realizing, prompting his "friends" to save him. Hazuki is a hot blooded delinquint who loves to fight more than anything else. He'll do nearly anything for the fight of his life and is even willing to die for a fight, not caring about winning. However, Hazuki hates to lose with a deathly rage, despising those whom believe themselves greater than others, though this is incredibly hypocritical, as he himself refers to himself as "the one above all". He is fiercely independant and protective of his friends.


Hazuki was born in an as of yet unknown european country. Any notion of his life outside Japan is shrouded in complete mystery and speculation. It is later revealed that Hazuki is the last remaining member of ancient Japans most deadly, prestigious, and powerful clan of warriors. Centuries ago his entire clan was slaughtered by formerly rival clans whom were in a truce of peace with his own clan. His lineage was considered far too dangerous by other families and due to the fear that Hazuki's clan would one day surpass and dominate the others, they were snuffed out before they could reach that point. However, One survived. This lone survivor left japan and fled to europe and from their blood eventually came Hazuki. Hazuki carries the weight of his entire clans desires for revenge and retribution, which is why he acts the way he does.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Immense Power Level: Originally thought to be a weakling, Hazuki has shown himself to posess an astronomical level of power in fights that he deems worthy of fighting. His power takes on the natural form of ki, and manifests itself as a bright red and gold aura erupting fourth from his body. His power level was measured at an astonishing 1,600,000 by Gyo Shiromutsu by stacking his vast feats of strength and power together to form that number. Hazuki himself claims that he doesn't care for his own actual power level, saying that "numbers and claims mean nothing if you don't have the feats to back them up". Which is why Hazuki relies near solely on his ability to physical prove himself to his opponents.

Immense Strength: Hazuki posessess an enormous degree of massively superhuman strength, and is capable of utilizing it to the point where he can hit his enemies without ever actually making physical contact with them. He achieves this by throwing pressure punches at his enemies that are capable of busting mountains, turning them into vapour in a single movement on his behalf, while he can reduce even the most durable opponents to a bloody mess of their former selves in a single punch. HIs fists and attacks cause shockwaves strong enough to be felt for miles in the surroundings, the power behind them seemingly explosive and and capable of causing chain reactions strong enough to atomize miles of solid bedrock.

Nigh-Unfathomable Speed: Easily the most outstanding aspect about Hazuki is his near dreamlike level of physical speed, as he is capable of moving, thinking, reacting, and traveling at rates of velocity that should by all means tear apart any normal human just from the speed they are traveling at. Mach 80,000 makes him close to relativistic and the speed of light itself, as he traveled from the surface of the moon to the face of the earth in the space of just over 10 seconds, utilzing his leg strength alone. He can effortlessly zip across entire continents in seconds when putting in an effort.

Boosted Durability: Hazuki's body is strong enough to survive a vast array of different attacks, and even shrug most physically dangerous attacks off completely. Hazuki has effortlessly shrugged off the point blank blast of a continent busting laser cannon and comeout with only slight burns and marks on his skin. His mind and soul are resistent to attacks based on them, and he can casually swat away energy blasts capable of generating explosions that can be seen from space.

Master Martial Artist: Hazuki has relentlessly studied the secret arts and scriptures left to him by his ancestors seemingly from the day he was born. He has committed himself to brutal, barbaric and potentially life threatening training routines which by all means should have killed him dozens of times over by now, as is the traditional upbrining for all fighters from his clan. Hazuki is nigh peerless in all conceivable forms of physical combat including striking, blocking, feints, parrying, throws, and posessess an immense degree of strength, speed, power, and precision when doing battle.


Berserk Hazuki:
A form caused by the violent awakening of Hazuki's great ancestors genes within his body. In this form, Hazuki's stats skyrocket to massively super human levels. His ki becomes far greater in size and obtains an entirely new air of overbearing murderousness which is noted to be suffocating. While in this state Hazuki barely retains his sanity, and is only capable of distinguishing between friend and fow. While in this form, Hazuki's hair flails in a menacing fashion while his eyes become completely consumed in an eerie red glow. Strange bright red markings cover the side of his face and several other key places on his body.

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