Name Haruka Saigusa
Gender Female
Height 163cm
Weight 49kg
Size 81 / 59 / 82
Birthday October 13
Hair Color Violet
Eye Color Dark Blue
Position Eight Little Busters Member

Haruka Saigusa is One of The Main Character of Cillian Darcy (2013)


Haruka is a girl with violet hair and dark blue eyes. She has her hair tied in two pigtails and has two clips in her forehead. Her school uniform is the same as the other girls with the exception that she uses striped stockings.

Cillian Darcy 2: World Duel Grand PrixEdit

Before the Tournament's Final Round Begins Haruka Arrived with Kanata Futaki to Congratulate Cillian for Doing the Great Dueling And Kanata Didn't Know Cillian is in the Finals and Told him that He's Going a Great Work with His Siblings. Still She told Him that School's Felt Bad for Expelling Him and Kanata Offers Him for a Second Chance. But Cillian Declined but He Can Vist Them. and After Team Shining Storm are Crowned Champion, Kanata Allowed Them to Vist Anytime, Lorcan Lilly and Deathic Decide to Head Back with them While Cillian Ride off Back to Sakurami.

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