The gunner (German: Kanonier) is a battle costume in Alvin and the Chipmunks video game series and is also a default battle costume for both Alvin Seville (Justin Long) and Jeanette Miller (Anna Faris). The gunner focuses on high accuracy and agility and utilizes attacks requiring no charge time.

Official descriptionEdit

  • Use a pistol to shoot and fire your opponents from afar.


  • You can't run or hide, so why bother?


  • And now this is my kind of weapon! Who wants some?


  • You're no challenge, just target practice.


  • You can't run and hide, so why bother?


  • Now this is my kind of weapon! All right, now who want some?


  • You're no challenge at all, just target practice.


Gunners wield double revolvers/pistols, with the second used during rapid shot. Both Alvin and Jeanette the tiny fairy pistols. Theodore's and Eleanor's pistols is smaller than Alvin's and Jeanette's, while Simon's and Brittany's is the largest of all six.

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