Grim Tales
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Action, Bangsian fantasy, Supernatural

Created by

Bleedman (art, story)

Griddles (story)

Heather M. Solomon (former story)

Published by

Snafu Comics

Original Run

January 2005 - Ongoing




Afterbirth (conmission by Griddles)

This Page is perfect for PPGD TV show made by proudly pinoys like me!.

Grim Tales From Down Below, often shortened to Grim Tales or GT, is a manga-styled fancomic drawn by Bleedman and is hosted at Snafu Comics also it will be possible Future animated series of the Comic just like PPGD. Bleedman did all the art for Grim Tales while Griddles helped with the story. In Chapter 2 was another story helped named Heather M. Solomon, but she was not mentioned in other chapters.

The comic is mainly based on The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, but also other series and movies for example: Danny Phantom, The Powerpuff Girls, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Fairly OddParents, Hey Arnold!, Hellspawn, Mina and the Count and Adventure Time.

Grim Tales is seperated in 3 arcs so far; Grim Tales: From Down Below,Grim Tales: What About Mimi? and currently the Grim Tales: Further Orientation.

One of the future chapters called Afterbith have been leaked on the internet. But it was also said that this story might not be in and so isn't concidered canon, yet.


Grim FamilyEdit


Phantoms (Ghosts)Edit

Megaville Fallen heroesEdit

these are the characters from the story PPGD




The story mainly focuses on two characters, one is Grim Jr., the son of the Grim Reaper and a boy who dreams of having powers and adventures, and the other is his sister Minnie Mandy, a smart girl who simply wish to love her brother. The both of them go on amazing adventures and sometimes with their friend Mimi, a devil girl who occasionally supports them.


For more info see:Grim Tales Plot on Bleedman wiki.

Other SeriesEdit

What About MIMI?!Edit


Mimi was climbing towards the Grim's Castle. Pain saw her on the screens and alerted the guards for her. Mimi was thinking about why she came here, she had betrayed Him for Jeff and Him killed Jeff and the only way to get him back is to get something for her hidden in the secret chamber of Mandy. Mandy and Dark Danny apperantly had sex with each other so Mandy was pregnant again. Pain and the guards went to the secret vault to protect it and also summoned Cerberus, and Grim Jr. and Minnie followed. When Grim Jr. saw that Mimi was it he couldn't believe it. Mimi killed all the guards and KO'd Pain. Then she headed to Grim Jr. who transformed into his human form, and tried to calm Mimi down. She hurted Junior and Minnie became mad at her and fought her. While Minnie used Juniors body to attack her, Mimi seems to like it. Mimi chained Junior on Minnie while she continued but bumped into Cerberus. Grim encountered Dark Danny and had a conversation with him about that he had sex with Mandy, and about her other two children. Cerberus ate Mimi but she escaped and also chained Cerberus. Then it was revealed that Mimi could summon things from under her clothes and she opened the secret vault. There she saw several things of Mandy's past and then saw Billy's tricycle and wanted it. Suddenly Mandroid and Billybotattacked her. While Billy first made an ice cream and throwed it at Mimi, she slayed him. Mandroid was sad about it and got destroyed shortly afterwards. Mandy came to defeat her but Mimi pulled a stringshot and shot Angry Birds, while Dark Danny was watching. Mimi then shot another one a white one. Mandy shot it but she egg that it shot burned through her bathing jacket and she took it out. Grim then found Grim Jr. and Minnie tied up and freed them. Grim found the map of Mimi on the ground and wondered how she got it. Grim and Pain came to help Mandy fight Mimi. When Mandy saw what Mimi wanted she gave it to her, she pushed on a button that revealed the Horror's Hand. When it opened Mandy, Grim, Pain, Grim Jr. and Minnie were were in her worst feelings. There they saw Mimi and Jeff in the ruins of Megaville, and Golem rised from the ground and a tiny group of forgotten heroes called the Underfirst tried to save her. While Irwin and Hoss Delgado fought Golem, Mimi and Jeff flew through the air but were saved by Raven who then said to Jeff to save Mimi while they fight Golem. Then Him came and wounded Raven, afterwards Irwin wanted to attack Him by turning into a bat but Him grabbed Irwin in his claw and killed him. While Hoss was strugling with the monter Dark Danny also was watching. Raven and Jeff quickly had to evacuate Mimi, but the Golem rised Mimi and said he had to serve her to her master. Then Raven used her magic and a comet bashed into the monster, the monster said that he would give Raven a hero's end if she would let her daughter go. Raven explained that she wasn't the mother and Him said that she only said Ma because her real mother was approching. HIM offered Raven to work with her so se could see Mimi more but she refused. Then suddenly out of nowhere, Blossom, the mother of Mimi, came and killed Golem. Hoss then confronted HIM and was helped by Raven. He pulled out a Nuclear Grenade and then then Raven teleported to somewhere else and the grenade exploded. But HIM had escaped and turned into a giant demon form while Hoss and possibly also Raven have died. Him then separated Mimi and Blossom from each other. The memory eventually ends while Mimi stayed on the ground in tears. Mimi went mad and attacked everyone until Mandy activated a pentagram generator and turned Mimi back into a human with this. Grim Jr. was angry at his mom because of this and stopped her, but Mandy then fought Grim Jr. which got Junior so angry he turned into his demon form again. Unwillingly to fight, Mandy stepped on one of Junior's tentacles and decided to let her live. Despite Mimi being powerless and a dear friend of Junior, Minnie still doesn't seem to trust her. The guards and Pain were cleaning up the mess Mimi left when Grim picked up Mr. Snuggles and started staring at Mimi's powers that Mandy has taken away from her. Grim was telling Pain about Mimi's powers about how him not knowing it's nature and that was caged up in Mimi's body waiting to be released, while Mandy Doll wanting to play with Minnie seems to be scared of her. Minnie then grabbed scythe 2.0 from one of the guards and slayed the Mandy Doll and the Happy Huggy Stuffy Bear. Minnie impressed the Devil Essence, while she thew scythe 2.0 at a pillar scarying the guard and walked out. The Devil Essence began to shake trying to break free, Grim told Pain that he wasn't sure what it was doing, but he thought something turned it on. Pain thought the Devil Essence was mocking them. Grim was talking about the ultimate evil it contains that it could destroy them all meanwhile, Dark Danny heard everything Grim said and wanted to show them the real meaning of the word "evil". Dark Danny put on his suit and flown off to do some training to strengthen himself first before he do so. Grim Jr. brought Mimi to his room and laid her in his bed. Junior was upset with himself for going up against his own mother, his demon powers then started insulting his mother causing Grim Jr. to be furious with it. After fighting against his demon powers, Negal appeared to end their arguement and talk to Junior about him standing up against his mother and for him to protect Mimi. During the conversation, Nergal, Junior and his power noticed that Mimi was not on the bed. Junior's power then found her under the bed. Junior tried to convince Mimi to get out of the bed, however, she suddenly attacked Junior in his room. Meanwhile, in Minnie's room, Minnie was lying on the floor listening to love songs. After that, Minnie was looking into her mirror, but had suddenly cracked. Meanwhile, Mandy was watching Dark Danny fly away, Grim was investigating the Devil Essence with Pain and Grim Jr. was still having trouble stopping Mimi from attacking him and his powers. Grim Jr. then pinned Mimi to the ground and tried to convice her that he gave her his word to help her and Jeff, but when he saw her crying he let go and she started biting onto his head. After that Him was seen in bed with Jeff in his cage next to him with a photo of Mimi's former human self with Blossom, BubblesButtercupDexter and Courage and was drawing on to it.

GTFO Series

Grim Tales: Further Orientation/GTFOEdit

this story was not completed yet see:Chapter 8/GTFO

Grim Tales: AfterbirthEdit

ATTENTION: This article contains non-canon information. This means it isn't in one of the comics and also not planned for the future.

The story is set about in the future with Grim Jr. and Minnie both are young adults. In the Underworld several children that are being captured by an unknown person. The scene skip to Grim Jr. who is sitting on a rock somewhere in the Underworld while reading the newspaper, where he read about the children kidnappings, after a rough night. Grim Jr. headed towards Castle Evergrim where he encountered his half-siblings Manny and Danielawho were messing around again, but they got interupted by Mandy. Grim Jr. went to look for Minnie but couldn't find her. Meanwhile Grim and Mandy were talking about to tell Grim Jr. about what happened to Minnie. Grim Jr. heard the conversation and asked what happened to her, and they told them Minnie was kidnapped by Boogeyman.

Grim Jr. went towards to seek for her while Manny and Dani followed him because they also wanted to save their sister. Minnie was with Boogeyman and had traded her left eye with Boogeyman, Minnie then left from the room. She was then encountered by Drax who said he liked her but Minnie refused him.

Grim Jr. just finished killing another monster and decided to rest for a little while. Manny and Dani were spying on him during this time while Empheles was watching them. Grim Jr. then got to talk with Mimi which Manny saw and flew towards him. Drax then discovered the kids were half-ghost and ordered Enhpeles to capture Dani. Manny interupted the conversation between Grim Jr. and Mimi when suddenly they heard Dani was being kidnapped but were too late to save her. They then asked Mimi if she knew that beast and found out that it was a Bascilan. They searched on Googhoul where they have been spotted and saw it was near Boogeyman's Castle and headed towards there. Meanwhile Dani awakend in a laboratory and encountered Drax who said nobody will come to save her and that he wanted her ghost-powers. He gave hera shock and she went unconsious.

Manny transformed into his ghost form to rescue Dani but self got captured by Drax. Grim Jr. wanted to save him but got attacked by demonic gargoyles. Grim Jr. killed them bu rushing through them with a drill he made from his hand. When he drilled inside of the castle he encountered Boogeyman who asked him if he got the scythe with him. He said he hasn't, but only wanted his siblings back. Boogey told that Minnie didn't want to get back, and Minnie appeared to conform it since Grim Jr. left because he didn't needed her anymore which wasn't true.

Manny broke free from the capsule with a ghost scream and used another one to attack Empheles followed by several ghost-rays. But Empheles attacked him and used his sword and stabbed through him, but Dani managed to break free and turn Manny invisible so he didn't got hurt. And Drax then continuelessly called him "Stoooopid".

Minnie and Boogey told Junior what he had done wrong. Grim Jr. wanted to proof this wasn't true and pulled his eye out and offered it to Boogey in trade for his siblings. Dani grabbed Manny and multiplied themself then Manny charged up for a ghost scream and preformed it and destroyed the whole laboratory. Boogey accepted the trade but said Minnie was staying cause she wanted that. He also told he was behind the kidnappings from the children in order to gain all their powers. Now he wanted to add the Nergal Demon power to it but got stopped by Minnie who put the eye back in her gaining back her Demon powers. Then Miine used a tentacle to rip the other eye out of Boogeyman's skull and she got her left eye back.

Empheles was defeated and said to the children that they've done great and their dad would be proud of them. Drax on the other hand gone insane and activated the bomb which he installed on Empheles chest. Empheles told the kids to escape and they did so and the lab exploded. Boogey then activated the device and transformed into a giant monster combined from other creatures.

Manny and Dani continued and encountered Creeper who wanted to kill them but instead self got killed by an incoming wreckball summoned by Mimi who then took the children along with her. Boogey attacked Minnie but then got his soul reaped out of the body. Junior dragged it with him when suddenly a portal appeared beaneath him and several devil claws came out and consumed Boogey. Junior then discovered it was summoned by Mimi. All of the spirits were freed again from the monster, Mimi then warped everyone away.

The last thing seen was Dark Danny in the ruins of Boogey's Castle stepping on Drax's glasses.


  • Grim Tales Afterbirth and Chapter 6 of Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi have a similar ending. Mandark/Drax blows up his laboratory to commit suicide and take the Powerpuff Girls & Dexter/Manny & Daniela with him, but they escaped. Olga/Dark Danny then visited the ruins of the laboratory and picked up/stepped on the glasses.
  • In the seventh page of another webcomic from Snafu called "Soul Frontier", one of the main characters can be seen wearing a dark shirt with the writing "Grim Tales From Down Below".

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