This is a anime version of Gravity Falls.

Gravity Falls (anime style)
Format Anime series
Created by Stan Ford
English Network Right Stuf Network
Starring TBA

Voice CastEdit

Character Seiyū Voice Actor
Dipper Pines, Dipper's Clones, Tyrone Eric Stuart
Mabel Pines Monica Rial
Stan Pines Christopher R. SabatSean Schemmel
Soos Ramirez Frank Welker
Wendy Corduroy Alexis Tipton, Jamie Marchi
Old Man McGucket Brian Drummond
Gideon Gleeful Brittney Karbowski
Pacifica Northwest Brittney Karbowski
Melody Brittney KarbowskiTiffany Grant
Young Ford Pines Brittney Karbowski
Ford Pines Christopher R. Sabat
Tats Christopher R. Sabat


Manly Dan Christopher R. Sabat


Candy Chiu Hilary Haag
Giffany, voix addtionnelles Hilary HaagStephanie Sheh
Grenda Colleen Clinkenbeard
Ma Pines Colleen Clinkenbeard
Young Stan Pines

Wendee Lee

Tambry Luci Christian
Shandra Jimenez Luci ChristianTiffany Grant
Robby Valentino Quinton Flynn
Carla McCorkle, voix additionnelles Jessica Boone,
Bud Gleeful Kirk Thornton
Sherif Blubs Dan Green
Deputy Durland Tom Kenny
Mrs Gleeful, voix additionnelles Shannon Emerick
Pacifica's Friends, voix additionnelles Laura Bailey
Mr. Poolcheck, additional voices Vic Mignogna
Young Carla, additional voices Felecia Angelle
Young Wendy, additional voices Stephanie Sheh
Bill Cipher Roger Craig Smith
Priscilla Northwest Cherami Leigh
Ghost Northwest Manor Travis Willingham
Preston Northwest Richard Epcar
Filbrick Pines Corey Burton
Celestalbellebethabelle, additional voices Jamie Marchi
Quentin Trembley Brian Drummond
Sev'ral Timez Dan Green, Sean Schemmel, Quinton Flynn, Josh Grelle, Christopher R. Sabat
Toby Determind Tom Kenny
Xyler and Craz Vic Mignogna, Greg Ayres
Lee Scott Menville
Polly Veronica Taylor
Thompson Sean Schemmel
Big Henry Travis Willingham
Donna Laura Bailey
Agent Powers Neil Kaplan
Sprott Mike Pollock
Marius von Fundshauser Yuri Lowenthal
Unnamed Lawyer Corey Burton
Tad Strange Josh Grelle
American Guy Dan Green
Mermando Josh Grelle
Agent Trigger Yuri Lowenthal
Blendin Blandin Quinton Flynn
Jeff the Gnome Brian Drummond
Tyler Cutebiker Tom Kenny
Carson Sean Schemmel
Steve Mike Pollock
Jason Dan Green
Shmebulock Corey Burton
Crampelter Vic Mignogna
Summerween Trickster Kirk Thornton
Probabilitor the Annoying Mike Pollock
Mayor Befufftlefumpter Sean Schemmel
Tate McGucket Kirk Thornton
Gabe Bensen Jason Griffith
Bobby Renzobbi Kirk Thornton
Mr. Valentino Jason Griffith
Mrs. Valentino Jamie Marchi
Lazy Susan Jennifer Coolidge
Ergman Bratsman Brian Drummond
Hot Elf Yuri Lowenthal
Chutzpar Travis Willingham
Manotaurs Dan Green
Leaderaurs Christopher R. Sabat
Nathaniel Northwest Christopher R. Sabat
Shape Shiffer Travis Willingham
Carla (Cash Wheel), additional voices Alexis Tipton
Rich Dan Green
additional voices Molly Searcy
additional voices Allison Keith
additional voices Juliet Simmons
additional voices Christine Auten
additional voices Emily Neves
additional voices Tara Platt

More coming soon

Episodes Edit

Season 1 Edit


Opening Theme Songs Edit

Ending Theme Songs Edit

Trivia/Goofs Edit

  • There will be new Opening and Ending Theme songs at the end of the each Season.

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