Gorillaz (ゴリラズ, Gorirazu) is an anime series based on the virtual band of the same name. While an anime, the series does retain some aspects of Jamie Hewlett's style. It is rated TV-14.

Synopsis Edit

In Essex, UK, there is building on top of a hill called Kong Studios. Kong Studios is home to the famous virtual band Gorillaz, which is made of four core members: Stuart "2D" Tusspot, Murdoc Niccals, Russel Hobbs, and Noodle. These guys often get into some crazy, surreal hijinks, and awkward situations often occur at the wrong time.

Characters Edit

  • 2D-The band's lead singer, and the member whose as close to "normal" as you can get from this band. Considered the dorky "pretty boy", he tends to get stuck in strange situations at inappropriate times. He often hopes to be friends with Murdoc (even if Murdoc is abusive towards him).
  • Murdoc-The bassist of the band, as well as the most corrupt and problematic. He's often abusive towards 2D, and is generally a jerk to everybody.
  • Noodle-A Japanese guitarist who was bred to be a super soldier. She is considered the one who can keep the rest of the band in line, and can get pretty aggressive when angered.
  • Russel-The drummer, who often acts as a team "parent". He's very close to 2D and Noodle, often defending them, and usually displays animosity towards Murdoc because of his behavior.

Cast Edit

  • 2D-Nelson De Freitas (English), Kappei Yamaguchi (Japanese)
  • Murdoc-Phil Cornwell (English), Masashi Ebara (Japanese)
  • Noodle-Haruka Kuroda (English and Japanese)
  • Russel-Remi Kabaka Jr. (English), Ken Uo (Japanese) h

Differences from the Source Material Edit

  • Certain elements are toned down/left out for syndication purposes.
  • Japanese culture is referenced more often.
  • Unlike the source material, the band is not set during a certain Phase; the band mostly resembles Phase 1, Murdoc has obvious green skin like in later Phases. Additionally, certain Phases are briefly referenced, but not outright implemented.
  • The ages of the characters are more ambiguous.

Opening and Ending Songs Edit

  • Opening 1-"DARE"
  • Ending 1-"Clint Eastwood"
  • Opening 2-"Kyoui Chinden"
  • Ending 2-"On Melancholy Hill"

Trivia Edit

  • Noodle is the only band member to be voiced by the same voice actor in English and Japanese.
  • Murdoc has the same voice from someone else from a different anime
  • Instrumental versions of some of the band's songs are included in the series' score.
  • the anime has a bit ecchi and horror

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