Good Sam
Format Comedy
Created by Manta-bee, Meanfang
No. of episodes TBA
English Network The Right Stuf Network
Starring Brian Donovan
First aired TBA

Good Sam (called "The Punk Who is Good" in Japan) is an anime and manga series, the former which will be airing on the Right Stuf Network.

Plot Edit

A punk guy from an urban city isn't like what you'd expect. He tries his best to do good deeds, be polite and tries to be a good Samaritan overall. If only more people could see him the way we do.

Characters Edit

  • Sam Goodwin - A typically punk-looking guy who sports a mohawk. He is seen trying to do good deeds, which don't always work well. He is in a garage band.

More soon.

Cast Edit


  • Brian Donovan as Sam

Japanese TBA

Episodes Edit

So far, these have been announced:

  • Good Sam
  • The Zoo - When Sam takes his niece to the zoo, she loses her stuffed toy and Sam tries to get it back.
  • Wrestlemania
  • No Free Runs
  • I'm Your Biggest Fan
  • Dude, Where's my Bike?
  • A Hard Day's Work
  • I, Doofus
  • Ballgame
  • The Milk Run
  • Battle of the Bands