Godzilla Earth Defenders(Gorjiira Earth Defenders) is a Pokemon and Godzilla crossover comic made by RaptorRex07 on DeviantART and being assisted by TheCrossoverer89.


The setting is 10 years after Godzilla vs Desotroyah, its starts with a prolouge when Godzilla Sr. has melted down and perished, Godzilla Junior while out cold is spoken to the cosmos of all life in the universe The Grand Cosmic Fairy, and grandmother of the Shobujin twins. She tells him that he is to be one of the Earth Defenders and must protect the Earth from a coming threat but first he must follow his heart and find a human partner. Later the next day Godzilla Jr. heads to a city to start his serch, but unknowingly a Desotroyah mini heads to the city to search for human flesh for a meal. The red mutation finds Ash and his friends celebrating Ash's victory of the Ishhu Leauge but Destroy assults Ash and kills Dawn, before the parasite can devour Ash, Godzilla Jr. kills the beast and leaves. Later after Dawn's funeral Ash, his Pikachu look over Dawn's grave but see the young Godzillasaurus with a rose in his mouth who he gives to Ash, when he gives Godzilla Jr his thanks he hears Junior talk surprising both of them. That night Ash tells Junior about the Fairy talking to him as well and giving him a Charm with a Godzilla-shaped insigma, Junior says whatever happens they will stick together and train to defend the Earth from the coming threat. On the moon a new SpaceGodzilla is watching them with Obsidius and Krystallak claiming soon
Godzilla earth defender promo1 by raptorrex07-d2zqoc7
the Earth will be theirs



Earth Defenders

The United Nations Defense


Invaders Alliance

Mutant Kaiju Horde

TV AdaptationEdit

The comic will be adapted for television by Sammonds TV in late 2014. Like the Sammonds Aligned Universe, the series will blend animation with suits and model sets. The series will slightly expand the character line-up by adding at least one monster to each faction:

  • The Earth Defenders will add Baragon, Sanda, Zilla Jr., Litra, and Gomora
  • The United Nations Defense will add Mecha-King Ghidorah and a new elite mecha fighting unit comprised of the EVAs from Neon Genesis Evangelion (piloted, no less, by the original pilots Shinji, Asuka, and Rei, but still outside their original continuity and with their Monster World personalities)
  • The Invaders Alliance will add Showa Moguera
  • The Mutant Kaiju Horde will add Gaira, Red King, and Maguma

Many of the designs for the pre-existing kaiju not made for the series were released as part of the press event during Comic-Con 2013.

Earth DefendersEdit

UN DefenseEdit

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