Go! Go! KomePO! is an -Ecchi- anime series based off of the OS-tan, KomePO, and her originator, XP Pro, from the Nijikaku/2chan series. It shows their collision of adventures and each hoping to win the Nijiura Tournament. As a result, they engage in lots of battles to practice.

Go! Go! KomePO!
Format Anime series
Created by Minosuki
Writer(s) Minosuki
Director(s) Minosuki
No. of episodes Upcoming
Run time 30
English Network Upcoming


An OS-tan named KomePO is fighting with her originator, XP Pro. When they hear news in school, it appears that Nijikaku will be holding the Nijiura Tournament this year. KomePO and XP Pro bear to win! But who will win the tournament? With KomePO's Expansion Fire, and XP Pro's Hammer Collision, they are to result in one large collisions of battles. Shall KomePO, the fire user win? Or shall XP Pro, the physical user win? However, a girl named Ojousama starts to invade everyone's battles, including KomePO's and XP Pro's! They must work together to stop Ojousama and a few other creatures!


Main CharactersEdit

KomePO: KomePO is an OS tan that loves a good time and likes NES music. She originated as the American version of XP Pro, and is bearing to win the Nijiura Tournament. KomePO's main ability is the "EXPANSION!" Fire, but still has a lot of tough grabs. She is pretty slow, but her grabs can prove a tough time. She also has a huge appetite for rice.

XP Professional: XP Professional, or XP Pro for short, is an OS tan that likes to take things smooth and loves J-Pop Music. Her variation is the titular character, KomePO, and wants to win the Nijiura Tournament. XP Pro's main ability is "Hammer Collision!", though she still has other physical moves. She is fast, but does not have a lot of grabs to use. Similar to KomePO's huge appetite for rice, she also has a big appetite for beef.

Kiriko Ise: Kiriko Ise is the teacher of KomePO and XP Pro, and can be considered an "awesome" teacher, because she loves to teach all things fun and awesome. Kiriko also will be one of the hosts in the Nijiura Tournament. Her main ability is the "Hard Launcher". She is also Kurame's teacher.

Spelunker: Spelunker is a character from the NES game, Spelunker, that came to life from one of Ojousama's spells. He likes to collect treasure around, but can lose lives pretty easily. In the anime he appears his same pixeled self. He gave KomePO her own hammer, which is used for her GJ FINISHER!.

Major CharactersEdit

Gurocure: A duo of Kurame and Saya, based on the main Futari wa Pretty Cure characters.

Kurame (Cure White): Kurame is a girl who quite often walks around in a kimono while drinking tea. She has a poisonous claw which is sharp and can make things a tough time in Nijikaku Battles. Kurame is sometimes referred cutely as "Karen na Hito".

Saya (Cure Black): Saya is a girl who sometimes appears younger than she is. She is actually a tentacle monster who eats creatures from all sizes, from cats to human beings. However, in human form, she is able to eat other things. She is slower than Kurame, but has better damage. Saya is sometimes referred cutely as "Saya no Uta".

Suu: Suu is a mysterious girl in white and green clothes, a powerful magician, and also made the Moomin-based Floren. However, when she forgot to make Floren immune to the moon, Floren started to be driven insane and it caused some bad luck ever since. Suu is perhaps the most powerful out of anyone else in Nijikaku, Mayoiga and Nijiurasou. On full moons she always does prayers.

Heika: The 2chan meme. Heika is an old space warrior-looking man. The spikes, or "ears" on his head can make him drill, release and so on. He is famous for his "Nenasai" move. Similar to how Suu made Floren, Heika created Hato Sabure. However, one of Ojousama's viruses instantly got into it, and ever since then, Hato Sabure has two sides, an angry one and a calm one. Heika sometimes likes to annoy the citizens of Mayoiga and other Nijiura lands.

All other OS-tans: 98SE, 98, CE, Saba, 2k, 2ban, Me, 95, 95ani, Linux and more are the rest of the OS-tans, and most of them usually love a fun time, others simply focus on knowledge and intelligence. Linux is the weakest of them all, but is the only one who can bring blocks up. Me-tan has an ahoge (idiot hair it's called) on her head that is sharp and she can use it mostly in her Nijikaku battles, and likes to play Tetris. 2ban has a "two-ball", a modified version of the Eight-Ball. 2ban is not officially an OS-tan, however.... 95 is an OS-tan in a kimono and wields a katana. 95ani is the male version of 95 and also wields a katana. Saba likes to wear a dolphin suit, and her full name is Windows Server 2003. One of her sisters are named Kosaba. 2k is one of the OS-tans that focus on knowledge. 98SE is sometimes silly and mind-blinded, but is a hater of a male's "private". 98 is 98SE's smarter friend. CE is an OS-tan whom is a fairy, and has two friends:

Minor charactersEdit

Chikoi-san: Chikoi-san is one of the Nijiura maids, and is tiny, hence her name. She likes to punch, kick and also has green types of energy.

Makibishi: Makibishi, or Maki for short, is a spider-looking girl who has three points on her hair that are sharp and are her main weapon. She does not attack much and doesnt have a lot to say. When she does, however, it is usually because something special happened. She is very slow and sits down most of the day while shaking around.


Misery: Misery is a character from the Cave Story series. Misery often comes around with allergies, and apparently has a rival-like friendship with Ryuuoutan, and similar to XP Pro and KomePO's side, they both bear to win the Nijiura Tournament. People often find Misery's finisher disturbing because she blows a large snot bubble around the victim. She was originally a minion of the Doctor.

Ryuuoutan: Ryuuoutan is a Dragon Princess, based on the Dragonlord from the Dragon Quest series. Despite this, she appears human often. She is rival friends with Misery, and also bears to win the Nijiura Tournament. Ryuuoutan's finisher is different from what the original Nijikaku game had, since the game had her summon the whole 32-bit pixelated kingdom of Alefgard on her opponent.

Atusi: Atusi is apparently the son of Ojisama. He has a lot of funny ratios, and is tough to use in a Nijiura battle. His mother apparently likes to wear a cow's head while cooking, proved in his finisher.


Ojousama: Ojousama is a demonic girl who wields a "Blood Lamp". She also has a monster to summon, which can eat up someone. Ojousama intends to invade the place of Mayoiga.

Spelunker Sensei: Spelunker Sensei emerged from Spelunker's hat light and shadow forming together. He is famous since he has the well-known Shun Goku Satsu. He does not lose lives that easy unlike Spelunker, but has a quite different moveset from Spelunker.

Hato Sabure: A large, enormous brown-colored Peep-looking monster created by Heika, whom has two sides, good and angry, ever since Ojousama instantly sent a virus into it. It is extremely powerful and has the Hyper Armor. It floats using a blue-light releasing rocket, and can release bombs, missiles and lasers.

Floren: Floren, similar to Heika creating Hato Sabure, was created by Suu, and became a bad luck Moomin ever since one of her plans on her went wrong. Floren is supposed to be a rip-off of Moomin, and often comes up in the Full Moon. As the creation of Suu, she sometimes comes to her to pray with her.

Ozoi-san: A Nijiura maid who knows how to possess people. She is not a major antagonist but causes a lot of mischief.

==Rare Characters in the AnimeEdit

Mobiko: Mobiko is a small maid with green hair. So far this is the only information about her, and more will come in the anime. She goes with CE, Makibishi and Chikoi-san.