Gakuen Alice: After Story (Abrv: GA: AS) is the continuation of Gakuen Alice, but it is completely different from the manga.

It is planned to have more episodes than the original Gakuen Alice. It airs every Saturday at 8:00pm. On January 13th, 2011, it was changed to Saturdays and Thursdays, both at 8pm.

Extra Note: Even though it is Supernatural, it still airs on Magic Girl.


Gakuen Alice: After Story

Genre(s) Comedy, Supernatural
Channel Magic Girl
Creator(s) Crazyrox
First Aired December 25, 2010


Gakuen Alice: After Story is the continuation of Gakuen Alice, but it is completely different

from the manga. It focuses on Mikan Sakura still, while at Gakuen Alice (English: Alice Academy)

with friends like Hotaru Imai, Yuu Tobita (Nicknamed: Iinchou), Ruka Nogi, Natsume Hyuuga, and many others.

And it also includes the teachers still. But, Reo Mouri is focused on more (while Reo is the original

Gakuen Alice was just in 6 Episodes), who is partnered with Yuka Izumi (Mikan's mother).

In addition, it still includes the love triangle between Mikan, Ruka, and Natsume.

Mikan gets kidnapped (and/or injured/serious injured) multiple times in the series.

Alot of minor characters (Ex: Reo, Yamada-sensei) become more major.


Openings & EndingsEdit


Pika pika no Taiyou by (???) (1-9)

Egg of the Heart by Buono! (10-39)

Honto no Jibun by Buono! (40-56)

School Days by Buono! (57-100)


Toeto by Luka Megurine (1-9)

Minna Daisuki by Guardian 4 (10-56)

Argiatou ~Okkiku Kansha~ by Shugo Chara Egg! (57-100)

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