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FA: GA: AS, Episode 8, Character Change * Number 2

-Opening plays-

-After Opening, it shows Mikan, when she just woke up-

Mikan: Ah~~! What character should I use today? -picks up a card, that says Miki- Ok!

Ruka: -peeks in- What's been wrong with you lately, Mikan?

Mikan: -waves hand- Ooh~~, nothing

Ruka: Sounds so realistic...But I know it's not...-walks out-

Mikan: I think Dia would work better...

-Screen: Class-

Sumire: Something MUST be wrong with Mikan, first, she was calm yet a lunatic yesterday, and today...she's trying to be an idol or something!

Mikan: -flips hair- What are you talking about?

Nonoko & Anna: -have blank faces- Nothing

Natsume: That Mikan....what does she think she's doing...

Ruka: -sighs- Everyone's been weird lately...Sumire's been scared, Mikan switching personalities, and now Natsume worrying about Mikan...

Narumi-sensei: -walks in- I heard your comment, Ruka-kun...

Ruka: Eh?!

Mikan: You heard him...Ruka...

-4 Minute Commercial Break-

Mikan: I shall sing, now! -stands up-

Sumire: -laughs- You sing first, then I sing!

Mikan: Sure...-grins-

Anna: Ready...

Nonoko: Set...

Hotaru: Sing!

Mikan: Ok! -starts singing ------------------------------------------------>- thumb|300px|right|Song Mikan's singing

-whole class "Ooh"s and "aah"s-

Sumire: That was just 1 minute and 30 seconds, and I give up~~!

Anna & Nonoko: Woah...

Mikan: -thinks- Everyone likes me, but it's not the best personality...-walks out-

Anna: What's with the sudden...

Sumire: Probably stage f- -sniffs- Sorry...I just...

Class: We get it...

-Screen: Mikan's room-

Mikan: What character to use next...-turns on TV-

Tsubasa: -walks in- What's wrong with you, Mikan? I heard you beat Sumire in singing, I thought you said you were terrible!

Mikan: Well...-tosses him a tiny microphone like-thing-

Tsubasa: And...?

Mikan: I used that to help me sing...I'm just trying to...

Misaki: -runs in- Tsubasa! Come on! I don't want to wait all day!

Tsubasa: Ok..-sighs, and walks out-

Mikan: ...-sighs- Ugh...

-Ending plays-

-End of Episode 8-

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