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FA: GA:AS, Episode 6, Back to School * Falling Mikan

-Opening plays-

-After Opening, it shows Mikan, in a hospital bed-

Mikan: -wakes up- Uh...-looks around, and facepalms- Oh god...

Ruka: -walks in- Hello, Mikan!

Mikan: How long was I unconscious...? -waves hand-

Ruka: Well, it was about 11:00pm when you jumped in the water...and you woke up just now at 12:30pm, so...

Mikan: -counts for Ruka- ...18 hours and 30 minutes?! T_T

Ruka: -shrugs- Guess so..

-Tsubasa and Hotaru walk in-

Mikan: Tsubasa-sempai! Hotaru!

Hotaru: ...-turns around, and walks out-

Tsubasa: -scratches head- I think she's mad at you for doing that...

Mikan: -sighs- Guess so...

Tsubasa: You better get ready for Special Ability Class!

Mikan: I still go there, even though I just woke up?

Tsubasa: Naru really wants you to go to class..-shrugs- Dunno why..

Mikan: Ok...-Tsubasa walks out-

-4 Minute Commercial Break-

-Mikan is now in the SA classroom, but no one's there-

Mikan: -looks at clock on the wall- I guess I'm early...-holds head-

-SA class walks in-

Misaki: Yo!

Mikan: Hi..Misaki-sempai...

Misaki: You still tired?

Mikan: No...

Tsubasa: So..let's wait for Noda..if he comes..

Misaki: Man..-sits on the front desk, and puts head on hands- that old man rarely is here at this time...

Tsubasa: Old man...? -scratches head, and laughs-

Misaki: You ok, Mikan? You're pale...

Mikan: -is holding head- Eh? Really?

Tsubasa & Misaki: Yep...

Mikan: Ugh...-collapses-

SA Class: Mikan! She passed out!

Noda-sensei: -walks in- Hello eve- -sees Mikan- What happened to her?!

-Ending plays-

-End of Episode 6-

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