FA: Gakuen Alice: After Story, Episode 5, Mikan Risks Her Life * "That person" Is Discovered!

-Opening plays-

-After Opening, it shows Tsubasa, Misaki, Narumi-sensei, and Mikan's grandpa on the boat-

Tsubasa: We'll NEVER catch up!

Narumi-sensei: Never say never, unless you say it in a good way!

Misaki: Ok...We won't catch up with the ship!

MG: Go faster, Narumi!

Narumi-sensei: Ok, ok!

-Screen: Meanwhile, at the ship-

Sumire: Don't throw us off!

Reo: I'm not going to throw you off, unless Naru doesn't catch up...

Ruka: -whispers to Natsume- Natsume, I think I...see....a..boat...

Natsume: -whispers back- Could it be Narumi?

Reo: What are you idiots talkin' 'bout now?

Ruka: Nothing...

Hotaru: -thinks- Wonder how Mikan is doing...

-3 1/2 minute commercial break-

Mikan: Gotta...untie..-manages to untie- Good.. -slowly walks out of chair-

-Screen: Meanwhile, with Narumi-sensei and co.-

Narumi-sensei: We're close! See, Tsubasa?

Tsubasa: ._. Just go..

Reo: -from the ship- So, you managed to get here, sempai?!

Narumi-sensei: Reo...

-Screen: With Mikan...-

Mikan: -crawls on the floor- No one...I guess the guards are all outside..-peeks through window, and sees the boat- Who's that?

-a guard walks near-

Guard: Since I'm the only guard in here, I guess I might head to check on that girl...

Mikan: -kicks the guard in the jaw, and he passes out- Sorry! -runs away-

-Screen: Meanwhile-

Sumire: -jumps up, while tied- Narumi-sensei!

-Narumi-sensei, Tsubasa, and Misaki jump on the ship-

Narumi-sensei: -whispers to Tsubasa and Misaki- I got Reo, Misaki and Tsubasa, you find the others

Tsubasa and Misaki: Ok! -they run past Reo, and the guards-

Misaki: I don't see Mikan over there! -points to the others-

Tsubasa: I'll go find Mikan, then! -guards grab Tsubasa and Misaki-

-a guard shoots at Narumi-sensei shoulder-

Reo: Ok, Naru-sempai..-points gun at Narumi-sensei- Say good-bye...

Mikan: NO! -jumps out of the inside of the boat, and knocks Reo in the water-

MG: -from the boat- Mikan!

-a brown haired woman walks out from the inside of the boat-

???: I'll get her... -jumps in the water-

Narumi-sensei: That was..."her"!

-Ending plays-

-End of Episode 5-

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