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FA: Gakuen Alice: After Story, Episode 4, Try to Escape * Others Coming to Save Us?

-Opening plays-

-After Opening, it shows Mikan, Natsume (awake now), Ruka, Hotaru, Sumire, and Iinchou-

Natsume: Now, there is absolutely no way to escape...

-everyone else nods-

Reo: -walks in, and points at Natsume and Mikan- I'll be taking them! -2 guards come in, and grab Natsume & Mikan-

Mikan: Hey!

Reo: Take them to my room, and make sure they're tied up good...

Guards: Understood..-walk out-

Reo: You 4...2 of you will be sold, 2 of you will be thrown off the volunteers for which?

Ruka: ..What about Natsume and Mikan-chan?!

Reo: -laughs- Natsume will be thrown off the boat, and Mikan..-grins- will be trained for the Organization...

Sumire: I thought that you wanted Natsume for the Organization!

Reo: -laughs- I found out something you don't know about Mikan!

Hotaru: ...What is the "something"?

Reo: Nothing.. -grins, and walks out-

-3 Minute Commercial Break-

-Screen: At the dock...-

-Narumi-sensei, Tsubasa, Misaki, and Kokoro are there at the dock-

Tsubasa: Just four of us? Saving 6? God...

Misaki: And beating Reo...

Narumi-sensei: Yeah.. We'll fair...

-Mikan's grandpa walks up-

MG (Mikan's grandpa): Aren't you supposed to be at that academy?! And...where's Mikan?

Tsubasa, Misaki, and Kokoro: -.-" -they turn to Narumi-sensei- Naru-sensei...

Narumi-sensei: We're..actually..trying to save

Tsubasa: This is her 2nd time being kidnapped...

MG: Kidnapped?! I'm comin' too!

-Screen: Meanwhile, where Mikan is-

Mikan: What did you do to Natsume?!

Guard 1: He's going to be thrown off the boat, along with Yuu Tobita and Sumire Shouda...

Mikan: Eh?!

Reo: -walks in- They're ready..

Guards: Understood..-they walk out-

Reo: -puts hands in pockets- Mikan...Do you wanna work for me...or..-takes out a dagger- ..die..?

Mikan: -sighs- I'll only work for you if you let the others go back to the Academy...

Reo: ..Fine..-takes out radio, says something that Mikan can't hear, then puts it away- See ya..-walks out-

-a flat screen TV comes down from the ceiling, and it shows the others, by the deck, tied up-

Mikan: I thought I said to send them back?!

Reo: -pokes head through door- I am...we're waiting for that Naru to catch up.. -grins- if he ever does...

-boat goes at 68 mph-

Mikan: Wah! -thinks- Narumi-sensei, where ever you are, save me!

-Ending plays-

-End of Episode 4-

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