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FA: GA: AS, Episode 2 named Rina Moka * Looks Familiar...

-Opening plays-

-After Opening, it shows everyone in Class B-

Narumi-sensei: Good morning, everyone! We have a new student today!

Class: AGAIN?!

Narumi-sensei: Quiet, Quiet! -a girl with long red hair walks in-

Mikan: -whispers to self- She looks familiar somehow...

Natsume: -leans forward- Same here...

Narumi-sensei: Everyone! This is Rina Moka-san!

Rina: Hello! I have the Vocal Phernomones Alice!

Class: Like Reo Mouri who kidnapped Mikan, Sumire, and Natsume?!

Narumi-sensei: Quiet! It's probably just a coincidence!

Natsume: Probably not....

Ruka: But..Natsume...

Natsume: Don't you remember what he's done? He probably has a bigger plan...

Ruka: But didn't he and Narumi-sensei....

Natsume: -interrupts- Do you seriously trust someone like Reo?

Narumi-sensei: Rina-san! Please sit next to..her! -points at Mikan-

Mikan: ! -thinks- Let's hope it isn't Reo...

Narumi-sensei: And she'll also be your partner!

Mikan: -thinks- ...I REALLY hope it isn't Reo...

-4 Minute Commercial Break-

-Jinno-sensei is teaching-

Rina: Sensei!

Jinno-sensei: -turns aronud- I'm teaching!

Rina: Why do you teach normal stuff when we have Alices?

Jinno-sensei: Hmph..-continues teaching-

Rina: -whispers to Mikan- Can you meet me near the gate tonight?

Mikan: -whispers back- Su-Su-Sure...

-Screen: Later, at the Gate-

Mikan: Where is she?!

Rina: -walks up- Sorry...I'm late....

Mikan: ...Who are you exactly...?

Rina: -walks up closer, and whispers in Mikan's ear- How dare you figure out so easily! -takes out a vaccum-like thing-

Mikan: What is...that?

Rina: -Reo's voice- Alice Sucker...-points at Mikan-

Mikan: -thinks- Dear Grandpa, Reo hasn't really made up with Narumi-sensei yet!

-Ending plays-

-End of Episode 2-

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