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FA: GA: AS Episode 12, Hey * Nothing To Worry 'Bout

  • Opening plays

  • After Opening, it shows Reo holding Mikan in a tree

Mikan: Let me go!

Reo: No! And be quiet!

Mikan: Ugh! *seems to slip out of his grip, falls down the tree, and runsaway*

Reo: *sighs* Idiot...

  • Screen: Meanwhile

Hotaru: Idiot

Misaki: After 3 minutes, she said that...

Tsubasa: New record...I think

Hotaru: Be quiet...I hear somebody...or something...

Mikan: *runs up* You guys~~! *gets shot by Moron Cannon* HEY!

Hotaru: Don't get kidnapped go much...


Tsubasa: Calm down...

Misaki: Yeah...-.-"

Mikan: Then tell her to stop!

Hotaru: ...Fine...sorry...

  • 5 Minute Commercial Break

Mikan: -.-" Anyway...don't you think it's better by now?

Hotaru: The Northern Woods ARE small...*bites into candy bar*

Mikan: That's not quite what I meant...

Tsubasa: Fine...*gets up* Then let's go

Mikan: It'll only take like 40 minutes... -.-"

Tsubasa: That's not what I meant...

Misaki: O-O-Ok! Let's go!

  • Screen: The Next Day

Mikan: *sadly walks into class*

Nonoko: *walks up to Mikan* What's wrong?

Mikan: *scratches head* Well...*flashback of Reo speaking to one of his friends, and Reo says "That Mikan girl is that woman, that's why I want her"* Nothing...Nothing to worry about!

  • Ending plays

  • End of Episode 12

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