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FA: GA: AS, Episode 10, Reo Strikes Again * Will Reo Win?

-Opening plays- (The line "Your Guardian Characters are with you" is switched to "Your friend are with you)-

thumb|300px|right|New Opening

-After Opening, it shows Reo, opening the gate of the Academy-

Reo: Ha ha ha! I am going to win this time!

-Screen: And...Mikan-

Mikan: -yawns- I might give up on the new character thing...-looks out window, and sees an explosion near the gate- What the heck?!

Tsubasa: -walks in- What? You heard me?


Tsubasa: What?! -falls on ground-

Mikan: Sorry if I scared you...-scratches head-

Tsubasa: It's..-jumps up- Fine! Let's go tell the others!

Mikan: -looks out window- Too...late...-points to the Central Town, which has been mostly destroyed-

Tsubasa: Oh god! Let's go then! -runs out door-

Mikan: Hey! Tsubasa-sempai! -runs after him-

-4 Minute Commercial Break-

Mikan: -runs toward Hotaru- Hotaru~~!

Hotaru: -stops Mikan, by pushing Mikan's face- We're in the Northern Woods...don't forget that...

Tsubasa: Yeah...Reo, I bet who is doing this, would probably think we're here...

Mikan: Reo...-Flashback: When Mikan asked Reo for advice- -.-"

Misaki: Let's get going...-Tsubasa, Hotaru, and Misaki quickly walk deeper in the Northern Woods-

-Screen: Reo and Naru!-

Reo: Now tell me...Naru! Where is that Mikan?! -is holding Narumi-sensei's throat-

Narumi-sensei: No -onna -ell -ou!

Reo: Whatever..-throws Narumi-sensei to the ground, and heads toward the Northern Woods-

-Screen: Mikan and co. again!-

Mikan: Hey! Wait up!

Tsubasa: Then catch up!

Mikan: That doesn't do anything!

Misaki: Just hurry up!

Mikan: Fine~~!

-Ending plays- thumb|300px|right|New Ending

-End of Episode 10-

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