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FA: Time for the new series, Gakuen Alice: After Story, Episode 1 named Winter's Coming * Bad things Approach!

-Opening plays- (Different version of the OP, but same song) thumb|300px|right|OP: Pikapika no Taiyou (Length: Full)

-After Opening, it shows Mikan walking around campus-

Mikan: -sighs- My birthday is in about a month...

-a girl with long pink hair walks up-

Anna (Pink Haired Girl): Hello, Mikan-chan!

Mikan: Hello...

Anna: Why you sad? Annoyed by somebody? Thinking about the past? Thinking about...Reo...?

Mikan: ...None of those...

Anna: Then what?

Mikan: does include Reo... -flashback when Mikan, Sumire, and Natsume were kidnapped, and Reo holds up Mikan's chin, and says something about Mikan looking like "that person"-

Anna: That..happened?

Mikan: Yeah...I wonder what "that person" is to me...

-Ruka, Natsume, and Narumi-sensei walk up-

Ruka: Anna! Mikan! -runs up to them- T_T Can you help me find my rabbit?!

Mikan: Before we do that..-turns to Narumi-sensei and Natsume- Why are they here?

Narumi-sensei: I was walking, and he asked me to help!

Natsume: ..I'm almost always with him....

Mikan: -sees Ruka's rabbit in a tree- Since when did rabbits climb trees???

Narumi-sensei: -a squirrel runs around the rabbit- Maybe..when squirrels starting loving rabbits?

-4 Minute Commercial Break-

Anna: -walks up to the tree, and starts asking the squirrel and rabbit what they want to eat-

Mikan: -walks up to Narumi-sensei- Narumi-sensei...I have a random question...

Narumi-sensei: Hm?

Mikan: I've been thinking...what is "that person" to me...?

Narumi-sensei: And..why are you thinking that....?

Mikan: Because....-flashback plays again-

Anna: Can you atleast try my Acorn Pie?! -the squirrel and rabbit shake their heads- Ruka-pyon? What do they like to eat?! T_T

Ruka: Actually...I haven't seen him with a squirrel before...

Mikan: -turns to Ruka- The rabbit's a boy?

Ruka: ...Yeah....

Mikan: Cute! -turns back to Narumi-sensei- So...what is "she" to me?

Narumi-sensei: Well.....-scratches head- -thinks- I can't tell! I just can't!

-Sumire walks up-

Sumire: What's the commotion all about?! I'm trying to sleep!

Mikan: So you can catch mice tonight? -giggles-

Anna: -runs up to Sumire, and kneels on the ground- Sumire-san! Sumire-san! Can you try my Cherry Monster Cake?! T_T

Sumire: With "Monster" in it...then no....

Anna: T_T Why does no one like my food?!

Natsume: ...I'll take a slice of that Cherry...whatever...cake...

Anna: :D Yay! Someone wants my cake!

Narumi-sensei: I'll take a slice too! -thinks- To keep my mind off "that person"...

-Ending plays- thumb|300px|right|ED: Toeto (Length: 0:00 to 1:22)

-End of Episode 1-

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