October 13th Edit

A girl named Athena Valeez is in her other class which is a training class for sword converters.

Training Teacher: Athena, I'll leave you in charge of the class. And please, do not go too hard on them. I'll be back in a couple. He walks fast out of the room, as the door automatically closes behind him.

A girl with blonde and brunette hair in the back of the training room, gets up and walks up slowly onto the training platform. As she gets on, she turns toward the class and smiles weakly. 

Athena: S-So would anyone like to face me? I'll go easy on you like your teacher said. She seems timid as everyone stares at her. She then thinks its her English accent. 

Suddenly a male underclassman stands up and walks up to the training platform and takes his two bladed sword converters with him. The class snickers and looks at him walk up with his weapons. 

Athena: O-Oh, um Lichan, you're not supposed to use your con- 

Lichan: I don't really care, Athena. Just because you're a TA (Teacher's Assistant), doesn't mean you can boss me around.

Athena: Actually i-it do- 

Lichan: Like I said, I don't care, I'll use whatever I want to. Anyway, are we going to train or what? 

Athena: O-Oi... She looks over and goes towards the rack with training swords. Right before she takes one, Lichan scoffs loudly, and Athena looks at him.

Lichan: Nah, use your weapon Athena. I know you have a sword, you always have it on you. 

Athena: But we're supposed to train you and use practice swords. 

Lichan: Dude, I don't care, I just want to have a real fight right now. See what my limits are... Everyone "Ohs" and Lichan starts to wield his swords as he spins them in his hands in an unorthodox fashion. 

Athena sighs and holds out her hand to the back of the room, her sword handle, flying into her hand. She holsters the handle on the left side of her waist and stands, waiting for Lichan.

Athena: Start, Lichan. 

Lichan: You're gonna holster your sword???? Fine. I'll show no mercy then. He readies up as his blade glows yellow of solar magic. Athena analyzes this and notices his body start to fidget really fast in place. 

Athena: *So, he's using Vigor magic?* She squints her eyes, looking worried and starts trembling. 

Lichan: Heh.. He notices Athena trembling in fear then grips his swords harder, as he launches from his spot at Athena. He swings his first blade upward at Athena, who isn't ready.

Suddenly he sees half his blade fly off, spinning extremely fast in the air, then when he looks at Athena, she has her hand on her handle, which is still holstered. He lands on one foot then in a swift movement, spins fast, swinging his other sword at her belly area, but sees half of the blade spinning in the air. 

Lichan: N-No! He jumps back, trying to get away. 

Athena reaches up from her hand on her handle to in the air, stopping the first blade and grabbing it, in between her index and middle finger, then swiftly grabs the second spinning blade in between her ring and pinky finger. She then flings her arm, releasing both blades from her grip at high speeds. As Lichan reaches the back wall, both blades come at him, each blade piercing the wall, inches away from his face.

Athena: How was that for training? She smirks as the class is stunned in silence for what just happened. You thought I was scared huh? I made you believe I was! Her face turns serious That's what happens when yo want to seriously "train" with people who are above you. You should've followed the rules, or else you wouldn't have gotten your converters shattered. She rolls her eyes as the teacher comes back in the room, looking at Lichan against the wall, with broker converters and a near-crying expression. 

Teacher: What did you do Athena?? I thought I told you-

Athena: Look, Mr. N, he tried to duel me without using practice weapons and tried to take this very seriously, so I just simply returned his request. She smirks when walking past the teacher. 

Teacher: Tch, come with me Lichan to get your converter repaired. For the rest of you, there's a free day. He takes Lichan by the arm and walks out of the room. 

Athena grabs her stuff, seeming bored, and walks out of the room to head around the school. Selene Kendrick, the Head Girl of the school, was talking with the Head Boy about Extra-Curricular classes for further practice in specific subjects.

Selene: Look, Tarkoshi, there are only four students taking Advanced Transformation class, we should just ask to drop that class to add Advanced Dueling Club. We did a school survey and so many more students are willing to take that subject.

Tarkoshi: Advanced Dueling requires a professional, Mr Hudgens told you that already. Besides, we don't have a spare classroom for it. If you tell Mr Hudgens you want Advanced Dueling class, he's going to regret ever asking you to pick what Extra-Curricular lessons he should cancel.

Selene: Don't be an idiot, Advanced Transformation class is the least popular subject choice, and Dueling Club currently uses the gym after hours, who says it can't be used for Advanced classes?

Tarkoshi: Fine, I'll tell Mr Hudgens, he has the biggest say in this anyway. I got to go to Converter class now.

Selene: Looks at watch It's lunch in four minutes.

Tarkoshi: You should go to class too, you know. You can't just use your position as Head Girl to skip class.

Selene: I had a free period. You're the one currently skipping class.

Tarkoshi: Whatever. See you after school.

Selene: Sure.

Tark leaves for class, while Selene walks off. The bell rings shortly after signalling lunchtime. The halls flood with students, heading towards the cafeteria.

Athena is walking into the cafeteria and looks next to her, seeing Selene and walking to her.

Athena: Hey, aren't you the Head Girl? Who's also in my class with Professor Caste?

Selene: Yes, I am, you're Athana or something, right?

Athena: Ah, no... It's Athena. Athena Valeez. Buuuuuut you were close, Selene. She walks into the lunch line and gathers her food, with Selene behind her.

Selene: *Athena...* Hey isn't that the name of the Goddess of Wisdom and Strategy or something? From Greek Mythology?

Athena: Ohhh, perceptive I see. But yea, that's her. And I'm not too far away from that description myself! She throws her hair in a mocking way. Anyway, it's convenient because Selene is the name of the Goddess of the Moon. Am I right? She checks out her lunch and is now walking with Selene to a table

Selene: Yup, my father is obsessed with Lunar stuff. I inherited that from him. they seat themselves at a table next to some random students. So Athena, we're in the same class, why haven't we crossed paths before? I haven't seen you much except for registration.

Athena: That's nice though. I like your name a lot. Oh and I'm not sure. Guess that's me. I'm the type of person who just observes and analyze. Haven't had time to make much friends. She starts to eat her lunch and pours some hot sauce on her lunch, and continues to eat But it's fine now, I guess I need to let loose.

Selene: She grabs a sandwich and begins eating, only stopping to talk between bites, not talking with her mouth full. It's good to make all the friends you can. Especially in the last year. The one thing a prefect can't change is bullies. And they just get tougher.

Athena: Bullies? She takes a bit and swallows before continuing They can't be tough unless you find their weak spot, and get them there. Expose them. Then, She takes another bite, bending down to make sure the food doesn't drip from her mouth, then wipes her mouth with a napkin You've got to get them in trouble, or deal with them yourself. God, I hate bullies...

Selene: Getting them in trouble is the advice I'd give. Though some teachers are daft and would be tied around the bully's finger. But it's better than picking unnecessary fights which won't solve much. Anyway, I got Care of Magical Creatures revision to be doing. I still don't know what month a Spotted Gargler hibernates.

Athena: Yea, that's a good point. And that's easy. Always in September. I remember because I always hear reports on the news about a whole freaking clan of them hibernating at once or something. Is that class easy? She finally finishes her lunch and burps lightly, right before putting on hand sanitizer.

Selene: Thanks. And barely. But it's worth it. Some of these animals are fascinating. Like the Welsh Meteor Lizard has skin resistant to Elemental Magic. You also learn how to tame some animals, too.

Athena: Wooooah, that's awesome. Too late to take it now. Ah well. She gets up Well, you wanna go study? Maybe I'll see you later?

Selene: Yeah. But you can still attend the after-school clubs. I can get you in if you want. They're more relaxed than the classes. She finishes up as they walk off, as machines clean up their rubbish.

Athena: Well, I guess I could take it for fun. Walks next to Selene calmly But I'll just read about it, I won't have any use of taming animals anyway.

Selene: Yeah but I have a pet Niffler. Hard to care for.

The girls head to the library to hang out and study.

Elsewhere at Lunch That Day Edit

Vash is sitting in the library, eating a sandwich he made for lunch while studying a book about some advanced runes.

Vash: *So this rune is for defense with elemental infusion. That could definitely come in handy sometime around...* He takes a bite out of his sandwich and continues studying *I might need some help synthesizing these runes, or maybe get someone to help me out with making the rune.*

A short guy with dark brown hair entered the library, it's obvious he was done eating lunch due to steady movements, it looked like he had some reflective object in his pocket, he looked a bit confused, but approached Vash.

Zen: E-excuse me, is this somewhere to wait..? His accent was obvious

Vash: Somewhere to wait? Um... I'm just here studying. You can sit next to me if you want. He finishes the last bit of his sandwich and wipes his mouth with one of the napkins he had nearby

Zen: Why you are eating lunch here? He pulls out the reflective mask and puts it on the table.

Vash: I like to study while I'm eating lunch. The librarian doesn't seem to mind. He takes note of the mask before flipping to the next page of his book You asked about waiting. Whatcha waiting for?

Zen: Any class that has spell practicing...What's your name?

Vash: My name's Vash, nice to meet you. As for a spell-practice class, I'm not sure. I'm mainly a rune-based person.

Zen: I am Zen Mandatta, I am a mirror based guy, never met a rune user?

Vash: Mirrors, huh? Never heard of those being used with magic before, but that's pretty cool.

Zen: Actually I only copy spells... *Why do people keep on thinking I throw mirrors*

Vash: That makes a lot more sense... But hey, everyone's got their own way of using magic.

Zen: He just nods *This school will be so fucking awesome*

Vash: Well, I'm just about done with this book. He closes the book, then stands up to stretch Lunch should be ending soon, so I'll see ya around, alright?

Both of them leave the library, both doing their own business.

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