Futurama Remake
Created by Sonic 1999

Sonic 1999,Manta-bee,Julayla(for some)

Run time 30 minutes
Rated TV-14


The Right Stuff Network

First aired TBA

Futurama Remake is a complete remade version of the Futurama series, featuring more of Planet Express and the additions of a game series mixed in this series: Sonic The Hedgehog. More to Come...


  1. A remake of the pilot episode. (to remake on this site: This transcript)
  2. A remake of The Series Has Landed (to remake on this site: This transcript)
  3. A remake of I, Roommate (to remake on this site: This transcript)

An upcoming episode confirmed will be about the new Justice Team, featuring the rest of the members of the Planet Express Crew.

Main Supporting Characters (Shows/Games/)Edit

Coming Soon

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